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Happy New Year 2015

Yes, 2015 begins today, and let us hope it is a year of wonder, hope and good things for all of us. Happy New Year 2015!

The year 2014 had some seriously weird undulations in the Stock Market, and many nasty events in the world (Ebola, Ukrainian Incursion, Planes disappearing, Social Unrest all over the Globe, etc., etc.,), so let us hope that 2015 is a less eventful year?

Happy New Year 2015 the Year of the RAM
Happy New Year 2015, I do so love Geek Humor

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  1. Happy New Years!

    I will be following along throughout 2015 to watch your progress. I am also glad you are not working for Dodge! I myself am a Chevy fan though.

    Mr. Captain Cash

  2. And a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours as well.
    Great picture of RAM. Am I ever glad you are not working for Dodge. LOL

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