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TurboTax and a Quick Review

A while ago I announced a quick contest for a version of on-line Turbotax 2014 Tax Year (Canadian On-line edition), and yes I have told the winners about it, all they have to do is return my e-mail some time this week, or I will pick other winners.

I have gone out and purchased my own copy of Turbotax (I figured I’d get my own, that way I wouldn’t feel obliged to be nice in my views on the software), and I bought the version that runs on the PC (for my own paranoid reasons).

Tax Time
Tax Time

So far I am let down, that some of the shortcomings I have seen in the past, still haven’t been dealt with, namely the inability to copy and paste medical expenses (typing in 25 Occupational Therapist visits for my son, does get a bit repetitive), but mostly the software seems to be working fine for me, with a few issues that I have run into (so far).

  • The lack of “DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DELETE THAT?” boxes on a few of the commands has caused me some grief. I had “cleared” my son from my dependants’ list, and it just let me, without any neat dialog boxes warning me that this might be a bad thing. I had just typed in those 26 Medical expenses and hadn’t saved, so I had to figure out how to recreate my son.I think it would be safe to say any place a “CLEAR” button exists there should be a corresponding, “ARE YOU SURE?!?!?” dialogue box associated with it.
  • An autosave capability would have been nice with that first problem too, or maybe revert to a previously saved version.

I still have not received any tax documentation from my employer so I may have more to say soon (I also have a colossal amount of checking of receipts for tuition, rent and the like as well). Tax season has begun (it would seem).

So far so good for Turbotax, it works just fine (as I said, so far).

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