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Thank You TD

I should write an official thank you note to TD, TD Mutual Funds and TD Directline because, without them, I would not have some of my most popular articles.

I went back over my archives, and I realized that not only am I a customer of TD, TD Mutual Funds and TD Waterhouse (and a shareholder as full disclosure), but I write about their services a great deal.

Many (if not all) of the articles on my RDSP page talk about TD Waterhouse’s RDSP, which, while currently one of the only RDSP Investing Vehicles that gives you the freedom to choose whatever portfolio you like, it still has many shortcomings that need to be addressed.

The RESP page is all about the RESPs that I initially set up with Canada Trust Mutual Funds, that got transferred to TD Mutual Funds, and I should have moved them over to TD Waterhouse (but that is my fault).

Then there are the many discussions about Bank Fees and my begging for cheaper rates.

A Bill Paying Solution

I also note that the TD Banking Web Page has added a handy tool to their web bill paying, which shows you the last time you paid a specific bill. Remember I lamented about getting inundated with bills from various sources, but with this page, I can at least go and check to see when the last time I paid a specific bill was.

TD Bill Payment
New TD Bill Payment Page

Having the record of when you last paid a bill and how much you paid will make life a little simpler for me, at least.

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  1. I also like TD EasyWeb banking features. Makes it easy paying and tracking bill payments. With the TD tablet app, I am able to take a picture of a cheque and cash it. I don’t even have to get out of the house in order to deposit a cheque at my local TD branch anymore.
    TD Waterhouse has lots of tools for investment and portfolio tracking. There are also analyst reports and insider trading activities for individual stocks which are very useful for stock research.

  2. I really like TD too. (Very difficult for me to admit I like a big corporation; it feels like I have a bone lodged in my throat.) I can usually promptly get exactly what I need from them and very rarely do they phone to bother me about buying insurance, overdraft, fancy mutual funds. or other nonsense. I’ve got that down to a trickle–maybe once a year?

  3. My dad was an aspiring exec type at TD when I was a kid, so that was my first account and I’ve never left. I can still remember him proudly showing me the “Green Machine” near his office in downtown TO., which if memory serves might have been the first ATM in Canada (?). That original inertia aside, though, what keeps me around these days are the “e” funds. Big fan of that product line and still the cornerstone of my modest portfolio.

  4. We’ve got stuff with TD as well, and it’s reasonable.

    We just set up an account with Tangerine because they allowed us to set up more accounts than most (for some planning purposes). It was a horrible experience, children were crying, animals were harmed. And the ongoing user interface is grotesque.

  5. I’ve been with TD for as long as I remember. My parents set up an account for me. I’ve been debating recently if I should leave and go elsewhere for my banking needs like Tangerine or PC. I’m still new to personal finance and have no idea where to start.

    Anyway, just thought I’d say I like the design of TD. Their mobile app was updated about a month or so ago and I think it looks cool. That’s all I gotta say lol

  6. TD and RBC are my favourites. I was with TD for years, but my wife works for RBC so now I’ve consolidated. Both organizations take customer service very very seriously.

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