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Playoffs, Tax Time, Beer tax and #BestMoneyStories

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The Hockey playoffs have begun and the NBA playoffs begin tomorrow, and there is an F1 race this weekend as well, sounds like a good weekend to me. Will the Sens be able to come back from their first game defeat? Who knows, but it will be fun to watch, no matter what.


Springtime in Ottawa

April 30th is not that far away, have you got your taxes in yet? I have my refund already, but I must remember to sign up for direct deposit, as we also remember that Government Cheques are going away. Do a good job on your taxes, make sure you get all the deductions and credits you are allowed, and then, go to your employer and fill in a T1213 form (if you can use those credits in the coming year), so that you get paid the maximum you can, and stop loaning money to the government.

More interesting revelations coming out of the Duffy Trial this week (speaking of Senators), alleged contract shuffling and alleged payments offered to volunteers? Goodness the wacky things that go on in Ottawa. Where do I sign up for one of those paid volunteer jobs?

In Ontario, we will finally be able to buy beer in grocery stores, but for the right to do this, there will also be a new Beer Tax ? Ontario the good strikes again, and only 450 stores will get “permits” to sell beer? And a new tax on beer? Ms. Wynne allow me to add my voice to the folks asking #WTF? Remember there is a new budget coming on April 23rd too (Ontario Provincial that is).

Spring has sprung in Ottawa, and it is about bloody time!

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My Writings for Week Ending April 17th

Spring has sprung in Ottawa, and we even have crocii sprouting in the gardens, a nice change from February:

This Week’s Finest Financial

Given it is tax season I guess we should open up with more Confessions of a Tax Account from Mark at The Blunt Bean Counter. Another important thing for parents of kids with disabilities is how to apply for CRA Child disability benefit (from me). Evelyn Jacks reminds us The Mad Dash to April 30 – Stay Focused on the Plan, remember what you are trying to get done.

Tangerine Money Back Credit Card

Richard Gendel Brown brings us A simple Explanation of How Money Moves Around the banking System, with lots of really helpful graphics. Speaking of Money, Larry MacDonald asks the simple question, Dump Your Bonds? Go see what this actual economist thinks. Barry at Money We Have points out that a new way Money is being shared is here with Peer-to-Peer Lending Comes to Canada. If you want to learn more about money there is a great list of 20 Free Online Finance Courses (from leading universities). Mark from My Own Advisor gives us After the Golden Rule of Personal Finance, follow these ones, more money help. With that hard earned money, Krystal from Give Me Back my 5 Bucks asks Would you buy a pre-construction condo? I wouldn’t but I am very old school.

With technology getting more and more sophisticated I guess it isn’t surprising that a Georgian Chess Grand Master was caught cheating, and he was using an APP on his phone. Did you realize that many ATMs in this world, are still running Windows XP? That should really worry you. I worked in Customer Support for a while, so I enjoyed the 100 Most Frequently Asked Help Desk Questions.

Michael James asks the hard question, Pay Down Your Mortgage or Invest? The answer may seem obvious to you, but read the article anyhow. Marie from Boomer and Echo wonders Are You Cut Out to Be a DIY Investor? Some folks just don’t have the stomach for it. The Canadian Couch potato tries to answer a reader’s question Do Aggressive Portfolios Pay Off. I would prefer a polite portfolio myself.

Break the Internet?

No danger of me breaking the internet, but C-Monster, now that is something else:

Facebook Fun

It was tax time this week in the U.S.

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    Thanks for the mention!!

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    I agree with you — people should read my articles 🙂
    Thanks for the mention. I’m a little behind on my own roundup this week after being on vacation.


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