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More Blocked Mutual Fund Transactions at TD

Written in 2015 when I tried to deposit funds into my son’s RESP. Sounds simple, but yet another blocked transaction happened. Stay away from Bank Mutual fund accounts.

Again, I am tripped up by my “investing profile” at TD? Yes, due to my Mutual Funds account investing profile was not “up to date”. Thus, my risky transfer from a Money Market Fund, to a Bond Fund was blocked. What do I mean by blocking? It was disallowed and my money remains in the Money Market Fund.

Transaction Denied
Dikembe must work for TD ?

I sent the following message:

So AGAIN, my transaction in a TD Mutual Fund account is BLOCKED because my “Profile” is not up to date? I was just in my bank branch, having to do the EXACT SAME THING for another Mutual account, yet I must do it again?

Can I do this online? If not, why not? My level of frustration with this system is nearing a critical level, and feel that while it is good that you care enough about your customers to ask them about their investing needs, I am also growing weary of having to wander into my local branch to update my profile once a year.

I figured I’d hear nothing back, however, I got the following even more frustrating message back, using the secure message feature of TD’s On-line banking interface.

Thanks for connecting with us. I am happy to offer further guidance.

The idea of reviewing your investments once a year is to make sure they still align with the level of risk that you are comfortable with. Since your investment goals and some events in life might have changed, by reviewing your profile, you are reducing the chance of being affected by unpredictable changes.

You can revisit your priorities and review your Mutual Funds Investment profile by calling us at 1-866-222-3456 option 5. A licensed representative will be happy to assist you with your Mutual Funds from the comfort of your home.

I trust this will help. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Blocked Transaction Next Steps

How does this address my query? How is this helpful? Telling me that yes, you need to review your investing profile every year seems to suggest my e-mail was not quite understood.

This has now convinced me. I only have 2 TD Mutual fund accounts left, and I will be closing those, enough is enough.

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  1. Are they eSeries funds? If you bitch loud enough (i.e., tell them you’re taking all your toys and going home) they will give you an unquestioned “God account” where you can do as you wish. My statement in a phone call (once I got a manager on the line) went something like, “Well, I don’t care if it’s policy or not, next time you block a buy or transfer I will be closing all my accounts and going elsewhere.” …That seemed to have fixed things. 😀

      1. I’m pretty sure those investor profiles are required by law, as are the updates. Of course the banking lobby helped write the law so the government claims to be protecting Canadians and the banks get another shot at selling you stuff. Some institutions though will let you do those profiles on-line (I believe RBC does) so not everyone is evil!

        After a while though you know that answers to give to get the profile you want, and you just start answering before they’ve finished asking the question. At that point a good salesperson will clue-in, get it done, and get you out – so they can move on to the next client.

  2. Sorry to hear of your frustrations. I’ve been going it alone with a discount broker, BMO InvestorLine, since 2008…couldn’t be happier! DIY isn’t for everyone but it isn’t rocket science and most of the “work” is upfront in the selection process. I know Questrade offers commission free ETF trading but I believe they charge $9.95 commissions on mutual funds. I don’t think any of the major brokerages charge commissions on mutuals. I hope your journey into DIY goes well for you!

  3. As much as I am guilty of it myself it astounds me how much we put up with when it comes to our banks.

    I think I pestered RBC about the excessive fees Action Direct (or Direct Investing or whatever it was called) for two years before I made the swtich to E*Trade. Though I’m happy once E*Trade became questionable (albeit in the US) I didn’t hesitate to jump ship to Qtrade – and I’ve never looked back!

    If anyone asks me, my advice is Qtrade.

    Now I’ve got to stop talking about doing something about my chequeing account fees and actually do something!!!

  4. Why not just open a TD Waterhouse account? Same funds, less hassle. (Hey, maybe they should use that as their new marketing line)

      1. You probably know this, but if you want the e-series funds, TD bank MF account or TDWH are the only two places you can get them.

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