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Speaking of Money on Twitter

Canada is in the middle of the election that never ends, while the US hasn’t even started their infinite election campaign, but some people are not just talking about policy and hair, and here are some more interesting tweets that I saw this week, and maybe some folks you should add to your Twitter feed, so you can take advantage of their short points.

If the finance minister has problems in the election, he can always retire and become a personal finance blogger?

Ignorance when it comes to your credit is always a very worrisome thing to read about, and this is positively petrifying.

An interesting perspective from the New Yorker on the minimum wage debate

Mr. Nader does have a flair in his writing style that always makes it interesting to read his articles, this one is another cracker

I’ll include this one as a public service because no matter what you think of this inane election, you need to vote and have your voice heard.

A very interesting final thought for a Sunday, well not really, more an ironic view on maps

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