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Direct Deposit Enrolment for Government Benefits

Government Cheques will be going away ( very soon), and you can easily sign up for direct deposit, if you remember your online banking.

Life of a Government Cheque
Journey of a Government Cheque

How hard is it? Let’s just walk through it for you.

The first question to answer is, do you receive Government Cheques for any reason? Are you sure? Check this web page which has a list of all the different folks that can send you cheques, which include:

Are you sure you don’t receive any of these?

How To Do It

Next, congratulations! You have figured out you need to set up direct deposit (the first step to solving any problem is admitting you have a problem). How can you fix this? Click on any of those links above and you will be told how. However, let’s try a different way of doing things, let’s go to the CRA and check out how your Tax Refund might be done.

  1. Go to your CRA MyAccount page  (link on that page). What the hell is a MyAccount? Don’t worry. You don’t need to create one. You can simply log in with your On-Line Banking credentials (if you don’t have online banking I would strongly suggest going to a Services Canada Office to set things up).
  2. Log into CRA My Account with your online banking credentials
  3. If you have done things right, you will then be on a home page with many different and wonderful things you can do with the CRA. Select the Accounts and Payment tab
  4. Voila, here is where you set up your direct deposit, or alter it so that it goes to a different account, or stop it from being deposited (although why you would do that I do not know).

It is simple, so why haven’t you set it up yet? Get off your duff and do it!

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