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You Pay Too Much For Your Phone Service

Thought that might get your attention. Let us face the fact that in Canada we pay a ludicrous amount of money for our telecommunication (i.e. Telephone, Internet and Cable) needs.

Where is my proof? Luckily our friends at the CRTC have compiled data on this very area in their Communications Monitoring Report 2017: Canada’s Communications System: An Overview for Citizens, Consumers, and Creators . Their research is quite extensive. This report is quite extensive, but luckily they also have compiled some really nice infographics, for folks like me who don’t like to read really long reports.

Aren’t those numbers staggering to you? The average consumer pays $218.42 a month to stay in touch with the world (in 2015)?

More Canadians use a wireless phone, instead of a fixed line home phone. Not that surprising, given most of the folks I know under the age of 40, only have a Wireless phone number or don’t have a traditional Home Phone (i.e. Voice over IP or something similar).

Smart Phone
Smart Phones and Young Folks

Remember young folks are addicted to Smart Phones (most of them at least). According to Mobile World, the graphic on the left is true for 16-24 year olds.

In fact 71% of them can’t live without their Smart Phone? Wonder how much their bills cost? The data wasn’t that surprising to me given how my kids are attached to their phones.

How old are the cord cutters out there? That is mentioned as well:

Number of hours Canadians watched traditional television in 2014:

  • Children 2-11 years old: 20.6 hours
  • 18-34 years old: 20.6 hours
  • 65 + years old: 41.8 hours

Seems like traditional TV might be dying off in Canada too?

The big three of Telus, Bell and Rogers have little competition aside from trying to steal each others customers (Ask for the Customer Retention group if you call for a discount), they won’t be lowering these rates any time soon.

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  1. I don’t even want to admit what I pay. $100 for internet (top tier rural high-speed) and $200 for my wife’s and my phone. That’s for unlimited everything and a boat load of data. No home phone, no TV. Could probably scrape the cell bill down a little but we have 12 gigs of data between us and occasionally go over. Haven’t had a home phone for almost 8 years. Cutting cable was a no brainer because neither watches live sports. Everything else is available instantly and can be streamed to any device or tv in the house. Yay internet…

    1. Live sports seems to be the “line in the sand” for a lot of cord cutters. If they could figure out a way to watch live sports without cable, they would cut the cord right now.

  2. hmmm….monthly we have $8 for prepaid cell; $40ish for landline (depending on long distance); $50 for internet; $8 for netflix; so call it $110?

    In the next couple years, the landline will be switching to fibre, and since the kid is grown up, we’ll probably ditch it then and get a “real” cell phone/plan instead. Interesting that someone commented about getting a work/company phone — my hubby works in IT, his company assumes you use your personal cell for work and won’t pay/partially reinburse for one or for internet (they used to years back).

  3. My wife has a cell phone but no data plan and the cheapest Rogers plan available which a grandfathered deal with all the bells and whistles minus data. We do have a home phone since both of our parents call the house although my parents now SKYPE us so we are thinking about getting rid of the home phone next year or looking at our options. Off the top of my head I believe we pay $162.75 for all 4 of our services each month. We call the retention department at Rogers every year and get what we consider a decent price for what we get. The only way to cut the bills is to cut the service or cut what you get from the service but asking for a deal is still an option.

  4. Cut your cable and cut your home phone. That will reduce your telecom bill significantly. If you can, ask your company to give you a “work” phone to save up on the cellphone bill.

    Having said that, the telecom companies are making a killing. We’re definitely being charged more than people in other countries.

  5. Wrote this in several places..
    Since my usage is mostly data. That is all I pay for.
    Tiered TABLET plan, in my Nexus 4.
    Tasker for wifi switching (annoyed that Android removed the ability to automate ‘cell data off’). Fongo (VOIP), for the odd phone call. No text, but choose your own IM.
    $11.30 a month. If I go over .. $25.

  6. Well, that sure makes it easy to do better than average. I pay $31/month to Lightspeed, a little internet company that resells me Telus’ bandwidth, and less than $20/month to Speakout which resells me Bell’s cell service. No landline, no TV. Why have TV when you have internet?

    I guess I’m making up for the above average spenders out there. Somebody’s got to bring that average down. 😛 I will sacrifice myself.

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