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Financial Rules of 3 For This Year

The BCM LifeLong Financial Rules of 3

Three is a good number to think about. It is the first odd prime (let’s not argue about whether two is prime or not).

Rule 3-1: Only carry 3 debit/credit cards with you at one time. The ultimate version of this rule would be to only have 3 debit/credit cards total, in your life.

Rule 3-2:Ensure you have all 3 savings vehicles set up: a TFSA, an RRSP and a Savings/Trading account. These 3 are the cornerstone for setting up a successful savings plan.

Rule 3-3: For the first 3 months of this year, pay for day-to-day spending with cash only. Take out a set amount on your pay-day, and use that for discretionary spending only. Can you live on cash alone for 3 months? Yes, it is easy to cheat on this one, but, you are only cheating yourself.

Some simple other rules of 3 you can follow in life.

  • If you go to a conference, or workshop find 3 things that you thought were good, and try to do it. Even if all you do is find 3 good points, you have succeeded.
  • Plan your financial year in 3 month stints, and see what you did right and wrong at the end of each.

At the end of the day before you go to sleep, think of 3 things you did that day that you are proud of, that way you go to sleep on an “up”. I have practiced the opposite of this rule, and let me tell you it really screws up my sleep thinking of 3 things I screwed up during the day.

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    Rule 3-3 PAY CASH
    Sorry! As liyttel as possibel for me.
    I am old enough to remember when C.C’s came out and the merchant would ask “Will that be cash or credit?” Being aware that the merchant had to pay a fee on every C.C. transaction my response was to ask how much discount they would give me for a cash payment. As they did not / were not allowed to offer a discount I saw no reason to pay cash as 1) I could defer payment for approx thirty days (give or take from the purchase date) and 2) my credit card gives me points. Yes, I do pay for that credit card but I use it often enough to get at least one free airline ticket per year. So until soemone can come up with a good reason to pay cash, aside from the nickel and dime stuff, no thank you. I will continue using plastic money.

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