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DTC Change For The Better

The changes in 2017 to the DTC should have helped folks get a Disability Tax Credit (DTC). I haven’t seen any numbers on how Nurse Practitioners have done many. That would be interesting to see.

The 2017 budget announced a huge DTC change (disability tax credit) for the better.  The specific statement is:

For many Canadians, nurse practitioners are the first and most frequent point of contact with the health care system, but today, these professionals are not allowed to certify application forms for individuals with impairments who are applying for the Disability Tax Credit.

Budget 2017 proposes to add nurse practitioners to the list of medical practitioners that can certify the impacts of impairments for Disability Tax Credit applicants. The measure will apply to Disability Tax Credit certifications made on or after Budget Day. This is an important step to improve access to the credit in areas where, due to a shortage of medical doctors, nurse practitioners may be the primary care provider.

I applaud this step by the government. As I have said, the DTC is something you can do yourself, making that easier for many folks. Many Doctors don’t have the time to fill in the needed forms. Adding Nurse Practitioners to the list of professionals who can fill in the T2201 is good.

dtc change
Simple Steps for DTC

My Opinions on Fee-based Firms

The number of firms willing to help the disabled (or their family) fill in these forms for fees continues to grow, and this worries me. This can not be a growth industry, and it shows the system is too complicated for disabled Canadians. All steps to simplify the system are a good thing.

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