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Good Money Podcasts

One day I will inventory the few Podcasts I have been a guest on. Here is a list of good money podcasts. However, there are others out there as well. Great listens while commuting or when you have spare time.

I am on the Debt Free in 30 Podcast with Doug Hoyes this past weekend for those who didn’t notice. We discussed my Job Search at Age 47 (see Job Search on Menu now a new item). It was a great deal of fun chatting with Doug, who has a book out as well (Straight Talk on Your Money, Amazon link). I learned a great deal speaking with Doug (off mic), so it was a fun experience for me. Doug’s understanding of the Bankruptcy laws puts him in a unique position. Rumour has it I may be on again sometime soon.

Doug Hoyes a Good Money Podcast
It might be how Doug looked when he first saw me, Big Cajun Who?!?

As usual, I don’t stay on topic, and I answer the critical question, why am I not a Media Whore? OK, Doug didn’t answer that question exactly, but I do answer that question.

That is the second Podcast I have done. One of the first guests on Preet B’s money podcast, Mostly Money (episode 4). It is always fun to chat with folks about money, especially folks who know the topic well. Best line of the day, “We are all three paycheques from living on the streets“, and Doug said, “Less than that!”.

Are there other Good Money Podcasts that I listen to? Plenty, my biggest problem is finding time to listen to them all. I listen typically in my car, but also if I take the bus to work (when I am not listening to Audiobooks).

There are many others. If you want to comment with other Money Podcasts, I will check them out. Doug’s book is also available as an Audiobook (as most folks know who send me books, I am not a big reader).

Other Sitings Likely ?

Will I be on other podcasts and such? I am always available to flap my gums about most topics and available for Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings and Family Reunions (try the veal, it’s to die for).

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  1. The Stacking Benjamins podcast is my go to podcast to figure money things out and learn new things as well.

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