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Inflation at 2011 Levels ?

We found out that Inflation is now at 2011 Levels, at 3.0% on a year-over-year basis. So what? Remember the Bank of Canada’s ideal rate is 2.0%, so this will most likely reinforce another Bank of Canada rate increase (in October). Now the B of C’s calculated Inflation is only 2.0% , but I don’t think they can ignore this kind of jump.

I haven’t commented on inflation for a while, but this report is important, for a lot of reasons. With the tariff wars that are going on, inflation is going to continue to rise (IMHO), and that will mean higher interest rates. Maybe someone will find sense and stop this Testosterone Laced bullsh*t trade war, but I doubt it.

Note also that Interest rates going up, contribute to Inflation (see the table below). Interesting spiralling effect. Stats Canada used to put out a more detailed report, but they have discontinued that report.

Biggest Inflation Contributors Over Past Year

 July 2017 to July 2018
 % change
Main contributors to the 12-month change 
Main upward contributors 
Air transportation28.2
Food purchased from restaurants4.4
Mortgage interest cost5.2
Purchase of passenger vehicles2.0
Main downward contributors 
Telephone services-5.1
Traveller accommodation-4.1
Natural gas-5.7
Digital computing equipment and devices-3.5
Prescribed medicines-2.8

Consumer Price Index Increases by Category

CPI by Category

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  1. Anyone who ignores inflation is blind or a fool, even when they were saying is was 1% or lower. Many costs still rose but were not reported.
    Thankfully we invested for Income growth and we are well ahead of price increases. Price growth has kept ahead, but any market correction will put a damper on that growth.

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