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CRA Quick Response

Careful What You Wish For From the CRA

I was delighted to see a response on my re-assessment, so quickly after I had called asking for status. After logging in to look at “My Account” I was a little concerned when I saw my account balance continued to be $0 (zero dollars).

Going into the Email section, I found out that I had made a bad assumption, and it was going to cost me more time. I had sent my support documentation for my claim that my son’s school fees were a medical expense in December. This package included letters from various professionals agreeing with this claim.

The package was sent on a Tuesday, however, on the Thursday afterward I received a package from the CRA. This package was all the supporting receipts for the same claim. I didn’t think much of it, but that was where I blundered.

This past Friday the CRA granted my claim for my son’s school fees as a medical expense. They pointed out, however, that since they didn’t have any receipts, they could not actually refund me any money.

After an obscenity filled few minutes, I calmed down, and realized how the sequence of events had worked against me.

What I Should Have Done?

I should have gone back on-line and submitted the receipts (again) to the CRA, with my supporting documents. The receipts have been sent again, however, I am back in the CRA queue, and I will need to follow up with them until they finally refund me my money (from 2017).

Guess I should have taken my own advice, that you can never send too much documentation to the CRA.

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  1. Hi BigCajunMan,

    I’ve been following your posts re: disability tax credit and was wondering if could answer a question for me.

    My 79 year old mother fell and we’ve hired a PSW to support her in the home on an ongoing basis. This will continue probably for the rest of her life. I recorded the cost in her tax return in 2018 although it didn’t change anything on her tax return.

    I recently received a letter from CRA requesting receipts and a completed T2201.

    The thing is: she doesn’t pay any income tax because her income is CPP, OAS, and Canadian dividends below the thresholds allowed to be tax free.

    Do I have to go through the process of filling out the T2201 and having her doctor fill out his end when there is no tax to be refunded.

    I want to make sure I understand how the disability tax credit works. The way I think it works means there is no benefit to my mom because she doesn’t pay any tax so therefore isn’t entitled to any money back.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


    1. It might entitle her to grants or more CPP? The DTC can be used for more than just an RDSP and tax breaks (I think). Doesn’t cost much to do, you might be surprised (and if you do find out new things, come on back and tell ME about it!).

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