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A Mortgage Changes You

I was watching Chris Rock:Total Blackout and he had a good perspective on mortgages. His perspective actually can be extended to all debt, but his point about having a Mortgage changing you is spot on.

When you finally get a mortgage your behaviour and your attitude will change. Why? I won’t ruin Mr. Rock’s eloquent perspective (quite NSFW), but let me sum up:

When you have a large debt, you have fewer options. Your options are limited due to your need to pay off this large debt.

The people I know that have the most options, have little or no debt.

You can delude yourself into thinking you have options, but you don’t. If you carry a large debt, and think you can afford other high debt options, you will inevitably end up in a place with even fewer options.

Why do I constantly harp on reducing debt? It will give you more options. You are no longer a slave to your debt.

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