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My CRA Error ERR 021

I have spoken about My CRA before; it allows access to your CRA account. The error I received (Error – ERR.021) was shocking. Updates for this can be found here.

I am now locked out from this with the following screen:

CRA Error ERR.021
Lock Out Error ERR.021 for My CRA account

The access I used was using my Banking Access (i.e. my bank card log-in credentials). I have not applied for CERB (as background).

I managed to call the CRA and was told that someone would call me back about the ERR.021 issue. This would allow me to get access to my account. I was attempting to see what my RRSP room was (as background).

Then I received the following email to the email address I have on file with the CRA.

CRA Email Deletion Message

So now, I cannot log into my CRA account, and I cannot receive emails either. I will receive something using Canada Post, explaining what is going on and how to fix this issue.

The CBC has posted the following:

Christopher Doody, a CRA media relations representative, said in an email it was meant “as a security precaution in the context of ongoing investigative work, and is not due to a cyber security breach of CRA systems.” He said affected users can expect a letter in the mail with instructions on how to unlock their account.

CRA locks online accounts amid investigation, leaving users worried – CBC

Current Status

Still locked out of my CRA account. The conjecture is that my log-in credentials were being sold on the Dark Web. (February 17)

The CRA answered my tweet with the following:

No phone call, and no letter as of yet either. The Dark Web Sale may have been of older data. However, it can’t fault CRA for security. I can fault them for their slow response. I have a T4 and most of my other tax forms, but I can’t actually check with CRA or submit my taxes yet. (March 1, 2020)

OH BOY! I get to call them, AGAIN!

I will have to dedicate a whole day to doing this too. Yea! (March 3)

The call was made, I spent 4 minutes going through menus. They were too busy, so they hung up. (March 4)

Finally, Success!

I called on Monday at 8:05 AM (EST) (March 8) and finally got through after a short (10 minute) wait. Lots of resetting things, but I now have access to My CRA account.

You will need to set up:

  • A new 6 digit PIN Number for calls with CRA in the future
  • Have your 2019 return in front of you to answer questions
  • Have all of your direct deposit banking information as well
  • Your cell phone number for Multi-Level Authentication
  • An Email Address for correspondence.

(March 8)

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And Now a Knuckleball

I just got the same email as before saying my account is now suspended. The problem is I can still log in using my banking credentials (for now). Also, a very quizzical comment added:

If you are unable to use this online option, we ask that you please try again after March 22, 2021 and call the CRA only if the online option doesn’t work for you after this date.

CRA Email of March 13 2021

I have all the information I need, so I am OK, for now. I will check tomorrow and see if I can log in. Come back and look for an update.

(March 13, 2021)

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  1. what a joke of a system err221, wait on hold for 2 hours and no help. folowed online trouble shooting updated browser as recommended, check all security settings, cookoies on… tried multiople browsers, have all my t4 in front of me and access code, tried logging in through bank account, forgot username, forgot password, absolutley nothing works….. if they cant get this system to work why are we forced to use it and why dont they just send me a letter in the mail instead of using this system! i never agreed to have all my taxes done completely online, guess i wont pay tax anymore, problem solved, come find me and i will reply err221, try again later!

  2. Hi, its April 2022 & that ERR.021 or ERR.022 is still happening with no support from CRA except to hang up on the call. I think they may still want your tax return. Call your MPP. frustrated

  3. My mom has the same problem, her code that was showing is Error — ERR.221 ! Should I be worry ? does that means that her information has been stolen or something ? or because her CRA account is locked ? if its locked it means that all her files and info is safe?

    1. Unsure of where this is heading. The claim is the accounts locked out where mentioned on the dark web, thus will need to set up more secure log ins. You’ll need to contact the CRA about it.

  4. I just tried calling the number above and there was a system message that said, “We are currently experiencing temporary system issues, impacting your ability to log into My Account. Please try to log in again on Saturday afternoon.” (March 13th) I am hoping this is referring to all of us who have had our accounts locked with error ERR.021. If not, I guess I will get up super early Monday morning to try and get through ahead of the rush. I can’t file my taxes until I have access as there is info in my account that I did not think I would need to print. No issue with them doing what they needed to do to keep things secure, but I am pretty sure some communication (such as the letter I was supposed to receive in the mail and never have) would have been more than appropriate.

  5. This is day three of trying, to get someone to help me on err.0.21.
    I got through to someone yesterday, but they could not help me as I was not initially prompted for a pin number, and they could not just send me to a pin prompting message or ask me for my pin? Instead they transferred me to a French only agent – (Why would a government agent be hired with French only in in Canada…. that is ridiculous) She hung up on me, by accident trying to get me back to the main menu.

    This whole thing is so stupid , what kind of system is this??? I have been locked out for over a month now, after receiving an email saying I had removed my email from my account?? Which they said was not fraud.. and not to panic… Err.021 – but I can not get this fixed.
    I was on hold for a total of over 3 hours yesterday, and 1 hour – to get through to be hung up on.

    I am discussed by the lack of personal to help with these errors. This is also the fifth error code I have received in 2020-21 year.

    1. I have tried for over a week to get my account unlocked. Was asked to send all sorts of documents faxed in futile so far. The email instructions to log in with a sign in partner took me to an error221. exactly the problem months ago. Now what? More useless unhelpful phone calls?

  6. I have been trying to reach out to CRA for the 3rd time today and still can’t get through an agent. This is ridiculous you are on hole for 3hrs and still no agent to talk to….how productive is this system. They don’t even have a safe portal where one can log in the issues. I an wondering now who will help me with this error .021? I need the access ASAP

    1. As I said in my final update, call around 8 AM EST there seems to be folks there at that time (on Mondays at least). I feel your pain, I have been lucky to get through.

  7. Hello,

    Im getting the same error msg, was on hold for 3 hrs only to be told the departement to walk me through has left for the day, tried again the next day , on hold for 2 hours to be told there is nothing they can do and someone will call in 3 days…this is 1 week later, no call. I see the above folks mentioned we should be getting a letter in the mail.?? still nothing…….this is ridiculous

  8. I have also a same error Err.021. Still Waiting to pickup my call its now 2 Hours and no response. Me my wife and my business all have same error showing.

    1. I have the same error but I don’t even get the benefit of waiting on hold… the system just says “All our agents are busy. Call back later.” then hangs up.

  9. Same issue (I think)… I tried to use my Sign-IN Partner to log into CRA and got the Error—ERR.021 msg. I was on hold with them yesterday (22-Feb-21) for over 3 hours, then out of nowhere, they hung up on me.

    Now I’m hold again (23-Feb-21) for 2 Hrs 40 Mins (as of writing this) and still no operator to tell me what’s going on and why I can’t access my own info on the CRA website…

    1. I would suspect there will be a letter in Canada Post for you soon? I have heard nothing back, aside from the #Tweet above, stating it will all be great.

      Further sleuthing suggests they may be using data from Google, about “compromised” accounts, however, that info is at best, dated. The password for my account that was allegedly out there, was 4 generations old (i.e. I have changed it 4 times since then).

      Good luck on the phone. ☎️

    2. I have been trying to get a hold of them for 2 days now as well for ERR.021. However, today it is now ERR.221. I have been on hold for 2 hour and 10 minutes so far. I got hung up on once this morning after 45 minutes. I have tried login in with the CRA login and the Sign-In Partner login with no luck.

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