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What’s important?

I have had a few folks comment on how I seem to be obsessed with money.

Let me assure you I only talk about money because it fascinates me.

The most important thing in my life is my family.

Family is the most Important Thing

On a Sunday you should take stock of everything in your life you are thankful for (or Saturday if that is your day of rest).

Debt reduction is important, Family and Friends though, are the most important.

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  1. Maybe you are really interested in money because if you manage it well, it will give your family financial security, and give you the ability to spend more time with them.

    That’s why I am so interested in it. People that accuse someone of being obsessed with money, saving, etc. are basically fighting their own demons when it comes to their finances.


  2. Nice post. I totally agree with you. My blog and writing is important. Money is important, but family and friends are number 1. Good stuff!

  3. Have these people not noticed the name of your blog? Sometimes you can’t win for losing.

    Yes family is the most important thing. Baby = cute!

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