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Cash is Not King

One of the things my wife learned over Christmas is that cash is not king anymore. She decided to use cash as a budgeting tool and found many places that didn’t want cash.

She shopped in establishments where:

Whither the Pawn Broker
Johnny Cash, the Man in Black , He is still King though.
  • There was a great deal of grumbling about using cash for payment.
  • A few places that refused cash
  • Most places assumed she was paying with credit or debit. They already had the machine ready before she had the cash out of her wallet.
  • One place where the cashier was unable to recognize coins by site. They had to look at the “Two-nee” and the Loony to determine how much each was worth.

I attempted to deposit coins at two different banks and was told:

  • At Scotiabank, I can’t deposit coins in my Tangerine account. I can only deposit bills at the Scotiabank ATM.
  • TD only allows me to use their “counting machine,” which also seems to have a service fee.

There is talk of the War on Christmas, but no one talks about the War on Cash.

The Globe and Mail

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  1. Are you just waking up to this? This is all part of the a worldwide move and agenda to try to introduce a purely digital currency, CBDC’s, which is NOT money, but really coupons, as it would give governments unprecedented abilities to not only see where every single transaction is made, but also to dictate at their behest, what, where, when and how you can and cannot spend your “coupons” on, by imposing quotas, etc., with options to expire that currency if not used, according to whatever agenda the government deems important.

    If you are not familiar with this, this is a great worldwide push for this. Canada is trying to be at the forefront of this move, in partnership with the WEF.

    Fun days ahead!

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