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Who Can Sign For DTC

Which medical practitioner can certify which area for the Disability Tax Credit? It used to be solely done by Medical Doctors, but the system has changed.

Medical PractitionerArea of Expertise for
Medical DoctorAll Sections
Nurse PractitionerAll Sections
(an important point to remember)
Occupational TherapistWalking, feeding, dressing
Speech Language PathologistSpeaking
PsychologistMental functions necessary for everyday life
Current List of Who Can Sign the DTC

You are responsible for any fees that the medical practitioner charges to fill out the form. You may be able to claim these fees as medical expenses on line 33099 or 33199 of your tax return.

From DTC Web Site

Online Application

The system has changed for the better. The specialist now does their work online. This will streamline things.

You can also complete the application online completely using your CRA My Account. It can be done using paper as well.

Disability Tax Credit Frequently Asked Questions

Can only doctors fill out the disability tax credit forms?

Now, the list of practitioners who can fill in the T2201 forms has expanded.

Can I fill out the application for a DTC online?

Yes, using your My Account with the CRA.

The Disability Tax Credit Seems complicated, should I use a service?

NO! Please don’t, they charge for too much for something that you can do yourself, online.

Where can I learn more about the DTC?

Look on line or read my articles on the topic.

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  1. This information is vital for individuals, caregivers, and representatives assisting those with disabilities. Whether you’re a family member, legal guardian, or authorized representative

  2. I am very familiar with the DTC but have a puzzling issue with my brother. He was previously approved for DTC (he was born with disabilities) but it was revoked/expired. My brother receives ODSP and for some reason, that was not revoked At the time my father was in charge of this and I never got a good answer as to what happened. My father has passed away and I would like to get this re-instated. My main concern is that I don’t want to mess up the ODSP situation. Also my brother no longer has a doctor so I am not sure how he would get this completed. And along with the lack of a doctor, we don’t know what was on the DTC application in the first place. Not sure if he was originally approved under the cumulative effects portion.
    Any ideas on how I should proceed. There was an RDSP set up but when he lost his DTC no further

    1. Find a Doctor or Nurse practitioner first. You really can’t do anything without some to sign the DTC stuff. If you find someone who can sign the DTC, I would just proceed to reapply, maybe point out that he had it previously and it lapsed (no need to mention why). The ODSP doesn’t rely on a DTC is my understanding. The reasons he receives that is not connected to the DTC (I think).

      Start the DTC process again, should be OK, once you find a medical practitioner to help. Good Luck, you can do it!

      1. Correct. The CRA grants DTC approvals but the DTC has no bearing on ODSP and vice versa. The only connection is that when ODSP is first granted, you give them consent to access CRA records for ongoing qualifications (probably most having to do with verifying income and assets).

        (FYI, side note: only qualifying for DSO can grant automatic approval of ODSP.)

  3. “The Disability Tax Credit Seems complicated, should I use a service?

    NO! Please don’t, they charge for too much…”

    I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!! Not only do they charge too much, the wording of some of their contracts are such that they get a percentage of the tax refund that you obtain for qualifying for the DTC BUT they do not differentiate as to how much of the increased tax refund is directly related to the DTC. This allows them to collect a % of your tax refund that may have nothing to do with the DTC.

    To me this is just slimy, and there is no recourse if you sign their contract. To me, it is a vulture “service”. DON’T DO IT!!!

    P.S. I took the time to read the fine print and understand the extent of their terms. It is a GROSS OVERREACH, and I never signed… But they are like bill collectors… they won’t stop bugging you for MONTHS.

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