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The Most Important Financial Decision You Will Make

Is the next one (OK, I am paraphrasing and misquoting Ben Hogan), but what is valid for Golf is always true for Money. The actual quote is:

The most important shot in golf is your next one.

Ben Hogan
Golf Ball
Off-Season Up Close

You can’t undo previous decisions. The most important decisions (s) are those you have not made. You can try to learn from your mistakes but the only choices you should be contemplating on are the ones you have not made.

For those purists, I am not saying that your previous decisions are unimportant or less important. They are already made, so work on your next decision; don’t dwell on the ones you have already made. If you have made bad decisions in the past, maybe the next financial decision will be a better one.

I have said that Investing is Like Golf (in that you need to go back in time and get good at it then), but I must listen closer to the Golf Announcers.

Make your next financial decision count.

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  1. Our next decision was to cut cable TV. After 2 phone calls and about 1/2 hour of our life we’ll never get back, it’s done. We can’t go back in the past and cut cable 9 years ago, but at least we won’t continue to get rooked for the next 9.

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