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Dude, Where are My Bills?

How important is it to keep a list of all the bills you pay on line? I just found out that sometimes that list can get erased?!?!

What the Hustler Taught Me About Banking

The Hustler is one of the greatest movies ever made, but it also teaches life lessons, especially about how banks & financial institutions treat “customers”

Remember, “Always leave a mark with some money in their pocket, that way they keep coming back”

The Perils of Automatic Payments

The convenience of automating your bill payments is obvious, however, if you don’t keep track you may end up spending more than you want. Always audit any automatic payment system.

How to Open a Kids Bank Account in the time of COVID

How hard is it to open a kids bank account in the days of COVID? Much slower, if you use a traditional bank, and more trees died. The reliance on paper for banks still astounds me.

Banking Security

While trying to log into my Banking Web site (from a PC), after I had successfully remembered my log-in ID and password, something different happened. The site put up a Pop-up window saying it was… Read More »Banking Security

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