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I Like My Money Like I Like My Coffee

An interesting piece of advice to follow, and it may not make sense to some, but it does make the point about wealth growth. Remember the 90’s credo about how profits didn’t matter? Was that right? Um, no…

MER : A Worm in the RESP Money Tree

The high MERs some folks pay for their kids’s RESP Mutual funds is truly the worm in the money tree, that is the Registered Education Savings Plan

RESPs and High Fee Mutual Funds

RESPs and high fee mutual funds seem to go hand in hand, unfortunately. Do not fall into this trap, this is what the Mutual Funds firms want you to think.

Wanting the Big Piece of Chicken in the Financial World

That is really all your father asks for financially, leave him the big piece of chicken, you can have the rest, just don’t take food out of his mouth.

Is Your Toilet Flushing Hot Water ?

Is your toilet flushing hot water ? You might want to check, connections get confused, and it can end up costing you a great deal like bank fees do.

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