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I Like My Money Like I Like My Coffee

An interesting piece of advice to follow, and it may not make sense to some, but it does make the point about wealth growth. Remember the 90’s credo about how profits didn’t matter? Was that right? Um, no…

Not Asking is Rejection by Default

If you do not ask or act on the things you should, you’re getting Rejection by Default as your response. Doing nothing isn’t the right choice

Debt and Savings Another Big Difference

There is a huge difference between debt and savings but a lot of folks think you should have both? No, get rid of debt first. Having big savings with big debt is foolish.

Success Sells

A favorite read of mine is The Pessimist blog, and this week they have a very interesting philosophical statement, which is nothing says Success like selling your “secrets of success” . The heart of the… Read More »Success Sells

And the Horse You Rode in On

Usually after I feel I have somehow been slighted or swindled, I think F*ck you, and the horse you rode in on , but that is not a very kind thought.

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