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Debt Reduction is like Teenage Sex

Debt Reduction is like Teenage Sex everybody wanted to do it, but almost none were skilled at it, and very few actually did it, and worse still, nobody dared tell you how to do it (or what they did wrong and how they got better doing it).

Do I have your attention now? Think about it. I am right, and for those who are taken aback or think this is a crass statement, you are mistaken. Teenage sex might be more likely to be spoken about lately.

Debt reduction is a subject few people bring up, especially the ones that need to be helped the most. They don’t want to appear like they don’t know what they are doing. Their other concern is they seem as stupid to other people the way they feel inside.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and don’t be scared to talk to people you trust about what they do about this problem. Let’s take Debt Reduction out of the closets and bathrooms and into the bright light of the day!

The ramifications of uninformed Teenage Sex is easy to see. The dangers of uninformed financial decisions can be as bad, if not worse.

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  1. 15 minutes for a barbecue is pretty good. We put a child’s bike at the curb. Passersby saw it but seemed to think that a child left there unintentionally (which is considerate of them). So I added a sign saying “take me” (meaning the bike). Even then an interested family rang our doorbell and talked to us just to make sure. The whole process took an hour.

    Lesson learned: there are nice people who want to be sure before grabbing anything nice that’s by the curb.

  2. Scrap metal, silly! You did them a favor by cutting it up, makes it easier for them to haul 😀

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