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automatic payments

The Perils of Automatic Payments

The convenience of automating your bill payments is obvious, however, if you don’t keep track you may end up spending more than you want. Always audit any automatic payment system.

You Are Spending More

In 2015, Canadians were spending more, according to Stats Canada, and it is not just inflationary spending, more was being spent across the board.

Little Known Secrets of Financial Planning

Yes, this is the new hack writer trend out there. What is worse is those terrible articles that you find on major sites that are links to horrible, ad laden (and most likely malware laden) sites. Sometimes it even takes you to the Motley Fool!

Little Known Facts about any topic (especially secrets of financial planning) end up being a simple rehash of things that most folks have already heard. Worse they are unsubstantiated rumours about it. With that in mind, let us delve into this important topic

The other important point is that the article always has a “click here” thingy to force you to click (and God knows what you are downloading when you click it), so here is mine (I promise it is simply a link to the rest of this terrific piece of writing).

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Lotteries are not a Financial Service

Lotteries are not a financial service, even though a certain on-line deal company seems to think that might be the case. Lotteries are also not a retirement plan, in case you were curious.

In-App Purchases and the New Economy

How much money is there in in-app purchases in on-line games? More than you think that is for sure. Do you know what your kids can spend?

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