Financial Things to Do On Your Birthday

Yes, for me around this time of year, another birthday transpires (mine to be specific), and I was thinking about the things (financially) that you need to do or think about on your birthday. I am confident I am missing a few, so if you read this and think of some other things I may not have thought about, please add in the comments:

Birthday Reminders and Things To Do

A Real Birthday Cake!

A Real Birthday Cake!

Just a few important things to think about on your birthday

  1. Insurance: this topic actually has a whole bunch of interesting sub topics:
    • Life insurance, is your premium due for the year? Should you be thinking about getting more insurance, if you have more kids, or have had a life change? Have you checked to see who the beneficiary is of your policy? Might be time to just go check that (if you are divorced, or a widower).
    • Car insurance, does it need to be renewed? Is it time to shop around to get a cheaper policy?
  2. Did you get your car registration renewed? Here in Ontario that is usually when it lapses. How about your drivers’ license? If you have moved, you might not have got your reminder, open your wallet and check.
  3. Guilt, have you called your kids the day after your birthday and reminded them that it would have been nice to get a call saying Happy Birthday? Guilty kids are less likely to be bothering you about getting more money from you.
  4. Have you checked the batteries on your smoke detector? If you want to protect your house or property it is really important to check these.
  5. Maybe it’s time to make a Doctor’s appointment, if you are over 30. Don’t wait until your arm is cut off by a reciprocating saw or when you think you need little blue pills to go see  your Doctor. Having money is great, but if you are dead, you aren’t going to be enjoying it that much
  6. What the heck is in your safe deposit box? Maybe it’s time to go and check on that, maybe there is stuff in there that much be dealt with.
  7. You could always restart your New Years Resolutions too, since you most likely abandoned them by your birthday (for me it’s a lot harder given my birthday is in January).
  8. How about those deadbeat friends of yours that come over and drink your beer? Get them to buy you a drink (or 12)!

Just a few simple ideas for those with a birthday coming up.


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