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Canajun Finances Home » Ensuring Your Financial Security This Birthday and Beyond

Ensuring Your Financial Security This Birthday and Beyond

I wrote the original version of this over 10 years ago. I was in my early 50’s living a bon vivant life. I am now almost a Senior, and my body is falling apart. A solemn commiseration to all my readers who have birthdays in December and January. No a single present for Christmas and my birthday is NOT okay.

Canajun Finances Home » Ensuring Your Financial Security This Birthday and Beyond

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Revised Birthday Reminders

A Real Birthday Cake!
A Real Birthday Cake!

A list of some things to think about on your birthday.

  1. Insurance: this topic has a bunch of exciting sub-topics:
    • Life insurance, is your premium due for the year? Should you consider getting more insurance if you have more kids or have had a life change? Have you checked to see who the beneficiary is of your policy? It might be time to check that (if you are divorced or a widower). If you turn 55, your rates will change with your Term Life Insurance. You can get them back to a lower rate by having a medical checkup, most of the time.
    • Does car insurance need to be renewed or Is it time to shop around to get a cheaper policy?
    • Disability insurance? You might need that, too.
  2. Did you get your car registration renewed? It might be free in Ontario, but you still need to go through the renewal process.
  3. Have you checked the batteries on your smoke or Carbon Monoxide detector? How about your car?
  4. It is time to make a Doctor’s appointment if you are over 30. Don’t wait until you think you need little blue pills to see your Doctor. The most important thing for your retirement is to be alive for it. Maybe you’ll have to look for a Family Doctor first. Do you need blue pills? It is a good reason to see the Doctor.
  5. You could always restart your New Year’s Resolutions. You most likely abandoned them by your birthday and for me, it’s a lot harder, given my birthday is in January.
  6. How about your deadbeat friends that come over and drink your beer? Get them to buy you a drink (or 12)!
  7. Guilt, have you called your kids the day after your birthday and reminded them that it would have been nice to get a call saying Happy Birthday? Guilty kids are less likely to bother you about getting more money from you.
  8. A life plan or a raison d’être for your life? It’s a deep subject, but your birthday would be an excellent time to consider.

Just a few simple ideas for those with a birthday coming up.

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