Boxing Day Mayhem

By the time you read this, the mayhem that is Boxing Day will have already begun. People will have stayed up most of the night trying to get bargains or reasons to spend any money they got for Christmas, but keep this piece of advice in mind (from our friends at Bro Tips):

Keep this in mind

and also remember my advice from a while back too:

Also very True

Also very True


Spend wisely and Respect Each Other

The people working today, are there to serve you, but that doesn’t mean you get to treat them like dirt, show them respect and thank them for being there today.


OK One Thing You Can Buy on Boxing Day

So a while ago I spoke about how Anti-Virus software is needed but the pricing trickery is ridiculous.

Yesterday on Boxing Day here in Ottawa that point was driven home like a nail from a pneumatic nail gun.

Norton 360

Anti-Virus which is Cheaper when Bought New

Last week, my mail program came up with a note saying, “About to renew your Norton 360 Subscription”, and it was going to use the credit card that it had on file, and it was going to cost $79.00 for my machine. After I stopped yelling obscenities, I logged onto the Norton site, to see that in fact the “renewal” had not gone through, it was Norton attempting to influence me to go to the site and simply hit the “ReNew” button (which I did not). I managed to figure out how to stop this automatic renewal from happening. I sort of suspected that this might happen given Michael James’ post on McAfee’s Persistent Trickery, but I was quite happy to have caught it before it happened.

I have noticed that the Boxing Day sales regularly have Anti-Virus software on sale so I decided I was going to wait and see what might happen with the sales.

Sure enough our Amigos at Future Shop delivered and had Norton 360 on Sale for $29.99, for 3 machines and for a 15 month subscription (remember to renew for 1 machine for 12 months was going to cost $79.99), so my patience seems to have paid off. I checked the Norton site and they had a Boxing Day sale for the same product (3 licenses Norton 360) for $69.99 (wow).

I guess we can add Anti-Virus software that you can purchase at the Boxing Day madhouse.



Boxing Day Advice

Happy Boxing Day! You have managed to make it through Christmas Day, and now you must figure out whether you are a Boxing Day person or not. Remember the Boxing Day Main Event is You vs. Your Debt, so don’t add to it! (yes I realize that Boxing day has nothing to do with pugilism)

Things Not To Buy on Boxing Day

As a public service, here is a list of things that you should not buy on Boxing Day:

Truly Xmas Crap

Truly Xmas Crap

  • A pet or any kind of pet larger than a gerbil, the SPCA is full of animals that were bought on a whim. Are there boxing day pet sales?
  • Wrapping paper or any kind of Christmas decorations, you are not getting a good deal, you are taking steps towards being a full-out hoarder. I don’t care if the stuff is free, you have to store it, you’ll forget about it and if you are lucky throw it out, keep your money!
  • A car. Seriously, you are buying something over $20,000 on a boxing day sale? If you can impulse buy something that is that expensive, you really have a problem.
  • Construction supplies, unless you are about to build a new house, 20 sheets of dry wall for $2 a sheet cheaper is not a deal!
  • A frozen turkey, it’s not going to keep until next Christmas, you will waste more money on the electricity keeping it cold in your freezer.

What is Acceptable to Buy on Boxing Day

  • Presents for 2nd or 3rd Christmas. If anyone has an extended family and more than 1 Christmas, Boxing Day is a fantastic day to get your Christmas Shopping finished (if you have a list).
  • Something that your Grandparents gave you money to buy. I used to get a picture of something and was told to buy it at the Boxing Day sales (good idea).

The question you must ask yourself today is, “Do I really need to go stand in line with a bunch of crazy people to buy something that you aren’t sure you need“.


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