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So a while ago I spoke about how Anti-Virus software is needed but the pricing trickery is ridiculous.

Yesterday on Boxing Day here in Ottawa that point was driven home like a nail from a pneumatic nail gun.

Norton 360

Anti-Virus which is Cheaper when Bought New

Last week, my mail program came up with a note saying, “About to renew your Norton 360 Subscription”, and it was going to use the credit card that it had on file, and it was going to cost $79.00 for my machine. After I stopped yelling obscenities, I logged onto the Norton site, to see that in fact the “renewal” had not gone through, it was Norton attempting to influence me to go to the site and simply hit the “ReNew” button (which I did not). I managed to figure out how to stop this automatic renewal from happening. I sort of suspected that this might happen given Michael James’ post on McAfee’s Persistent Trickery, but I was quite happy to have caught it before it happened.

I have noticed that the Boxing Day sales regularly have Anti-Virus software on sale so I decided I was going to wait and see what might happen with the sales.

Sure enough our Amigos at Future Shop delivered and had Norton 360 on Sale for $29.99, for 3 machines and for a 15 month subscription (remember to renew for 1 machine for 12 months was going to cost $79.99), so my patience seems to have paid off. I checked the Norton site and they had a Boxing Day sale for the same product (3 licenses Norton 360) for $69.99 (wow).

I guess we can add Anti-Virus software that you can purchase at the Boxing Day madhouse.


Questrade Democratic Pricing - 1 cent per share, $4.95 min / $9.95 max


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  • IG December 28, 2012, 1:34 AM

    Sorry, it baffles me why would anyone spend money on antivirus software when excellent freeware options are available. Avast and AVG, for example, have versions that are free for personal use.

    • bigcajunman December 28, 2012, 5:49 AM

      I understand your distress and I have friends who use those exact systems and are very happy with them (and the Microsoft free stuff as well). I am not exactly sure why I continue to pay for it, but it has done good things for me on occasion (and also slowed my machines down to no end as well).


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