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Ontario’s Budget: Fodder ?

So was the McGuinty 2012 Liberal budget a bit of fodder or does it really have a goal? After reading over the government’s information, there are some interesting points to watch and see if they… Read More »Ontario’s Budget: Fodder ?

Good on ya Jim

So Jim Flaherty has had to retreat from his aggressive debt payment plans, due to the Canadian economy being sluggish (OK downright comatose). The goal of a balanced budget by 2014 is now not possible… Read More »Good on ya Jim

Budget 2011 Redux

Didn’t we already have a budget? Oh yes, the Budget to Nowhere which effectively triggered the election, which brought the Conservatives a Majority, guess the Liberals wished they voted FOR that one, but hindsight is… Read More »Budget 2011 Redux

Budget 2011 Canada

Budget to Nowhere If the political pundits are correct then the Harper Government has thrown out the first few planks of their election platform with yesterday’s Budget 2011 (part 1) announcement (here is a link… Read More »Budget 2011 Canada

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