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yellow jigsaw puzzle piece

Day 13 – A Puzzle – Advent Financial Calendar

A puzzle piece, which symbolizes Autism, and other mental health issues, in the financial advent calendar. The Disability Tax Credit is an important aspect of financial health for those with these brain injuries. #DTC #Disability

Bad Budgeting

I am not someone who deals with a budget well. I simply try to not overspend, but every budget I have had, I have broken, or abandoned. Everyone needs to understand their limitations, and I… Read More »Bad Budgeting

On-Line Grocery Systems as a Budgetary Tool

Before the COVID Pandemic on-line grocery shopping wasn’t used by many folks. With the Pandemic now many more folks are using this tool to stay safe, and maybe control their spending?

Ontario Budget 2015 M’eh…

The Ontario Budget 2015 was quite meagre and simple, however, it didn’t really appease any of the pundits either.

Budget 2015 What’s In It For Me ?

Budget 2015 Federal had some things for everyone, however not a great deal for anyone in specific? Typical budget.

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