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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday My List

Giving Tuesday is a response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where you should give to a Charity, but which one? I have a list for you.

Phoenix Pay System Side Swipe

As most Canadians hear every few weeks, the pay  system for the federal Civil Service has been updated, and the new system (called Phoenix) has had many problems, which has caused many serious problems for… Read More »Phoenix Pay System Side Swipe

Personal Finance: Lenten Financial Journey

Many folks dread their lenten journey, but you can use it for self-awareness and growth as well. Try to add financial goals to it, you will be surprised.

Bloggers for Charity

The Blunt Bean Counter has asked some of us blogging folk to support charities by auctioning off the opportunity to write guest posts on our blogs. I have no idea how this will work out,… Read More »Bloggers for Charity

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