Frugal or Cheap ?

I have asked this question before, with a similar photo, but I ask again, is this cheap or just frugal.

Is this being cheap or just frugal ??

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Yes, I did buy a special implement, to make sure the transfers went well, but is it frugal? It works very nicely for HP Sauce bottles as well. When I start mixing the cereal (i.e. putting “the bottom” of a box of old cereal into a newer box), then I will know I have become my mother.

Kobo Canada


Stupid Cheap

A new phrase that I will be using from now on after the following transpired:

Standing in line at a Rogers store I look over at the young lady in the other line, and see that she has two very small kittens she is carrying in her sweater. Naturally they are as cute as can be, and I ask where they came from, and was told that her and her fiance found them abandoned in a box on a path, one of the kittens had already died but the three others managed to make it (so far).

My Cat

Unwanted Kittens Should Go to the SPCA (that is where this cute one came from, unfortunately she thinks she is a computer cosy )

What does this have to do with Stupid Cheap? You have a female cat and you are too cheap to have it neutered, you let it wander around the neighborhood, and you can’t afford to feed the kittens (or keep them), so you dump them in a box on a walking path (OK the last part isn’t Stupid Cheap, that is just evil).

Saving money by not doing important things is not being necessarily Frugal, and at times it is Stupid Cheap. I realize we already we have “penny-wise and pound foolish” but that is too many words.

Other examples of stupid cheap?

  • The car you rely on to get to work needs a brake job, however you put off doing it because it is too expensive, but continue to drive the car, because you need it to get to work. In that situation if you can’t afford the brake job, maybe you can’t afford a car, and should be looking at mass transit?
  • Using expired condoms because you can’t find anything else? Price of condom vs. Price of Child , very big difference, and my advice is keep it in your trousers.
  • You can’t sell off  your poorly performing Mutual Funds because they are back-end loaded and you’d lose lots more money. Seriously? You really need to talk to a real investment adviser, and not your Uncle Sam who sells Mutual Funds too.

Now for my Frugal and Cheap readers, I am not calling you Stupid for being cheap, just be cheap for the right reasons. I have said that 50% off meat is OK as long as you are sure you aren’t poisoning yourself.


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