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Income Tax

Moving Expenses

Moving Expenses for Students

If you are going back to school remember to keep your receipts for moving expenses if you have moved more than 40 KMs to go to school.

CRA Quick Response

Careful What You Wish For From the CRA I was delighted to see a response on my re-assessment, so quickly after I had called asking for status. After logging in to look at “My Account”… Read More »CRA Quick Response

Thinking like the Tax Folk

The Tax Folk in Canada (the CRA) and I really are getting to know each other well, and my saga continues, but it is not resolved yet. #Tax

Income Tax Receipts

After posting my taxes on Sunday, I was wondering how things would go with my return. I am currently in a reassessment for the previous tax year, so what would the CRA do about this?… Read More »Income Tax Receipts

A Tax Quandary

am in a bit of a tax quandary about whether to file sooner or wait for a reassessment by the CRA. What did I decide and why? Read on and see.

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