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Death of Nortel

Pension or LIRA? A decision (redux)

Should you leave your money in your company’s pension ? Most plans offer a “cash out” capability so the question is pension or LIRA ?

Clean Up Old Accounts (redux)

It is important to clean up those old accounts, both credit card and savings accounts as well.

ETFs are the Devils Work and ETFs are Evil

I am not sure that ETFs are evil for sure, but some of them can be just as bad as the crappy Mutual Funds that some folks flog.

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky

In life, many times we do not have control of the events in our lives, and many times it is better to be lucky, to survive.

Good Bye 2008

The year 2008 for me was a tumultuous one, with many big changes, that in the end were for the better, I suppose.

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