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The Joy of the best Financial Decision Ever?

What is the best financial decision you have ever made? For me, it was a decision I made out of spite, but it ended up paying off very nicely, and gave me a path to victory for my retirement.

On Being Laid Off (a 10 year retrospective)

Over 10 years ago I was laid off from Nortel, and even now I still feel the pain of this important event in my life. In the end it was a good thing.

Nortel : What is Left?

What is left of former Tech Giant Nortel? Legal cases, litigation, and a few patents. Nortel itself is still out there in terms of equipment, but it is being supported by other companies.

Why I am Not Rich (the 90’s)

There are many reasons why I am not rich, but the only person to blame for this situation is me. I made mistakes, but I have learned from them too.

Long Term Disability Insurance

Do you know who is underwriting your long term disability insurance? If your company is self-insuring (which many large companies do), you are exposed to bankruptcy dangers. If your company declares bankruptcy while you are on LTD, you become a simple creditor.

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