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Black Friday NT Times

Following the Crowd is Safe?

Sometimes there is safety in numbers, but many times following the crowd is not as safe as you might think (ask BRE-X and Nortel investors).

A Year Ago

When I was laid off from Nortel, it took about a year for me to recover from the shock of being told after twenty years, you are redundant.

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky

In life, many times we do not have control of the events in our lives, and many times it is better to be lucky, to survive.

Pensions and Severance

Pensions and severance discussions come together, usually when you get laid off from your employer (if you have a pension). Be careful in these discussions.

Twenty Years in One Line

How does it feel to get a severance letter from a company you devoted over 20 years of your life to? It sucks, but sometimes good things come out of bad.

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