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More Tales of Financial Indiscretion

When should you be shouting out your account number in a public place? The response might surprise you (spoiler alert, NEVER).

On Line Financial Services

Overview Financial services like Quicken, Turbotax and Mint have  broaden their customer bases and are offering their financial services on line (i.e. you don’t buy the software, download or install it from a CD onto… Read More »On Line Financial Services

Following the Crowd is Safe?

Sometimes there is safety in numbers, but many times following the crowd is not as safe as you might think (ask BRE-X and Nortel investors).

Security for Lent

Better Safe than Sorry Another thing you can add for your Lenten Financial Journey, might be to be more secure, especially with your passwords and your PINs. When was the last time you changed the… Read More »Security for Lent

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