Thanks to the Blue team, getting a good coach in the NHL is going to cost a great deal more. Over $50 Million for 8 years? Hopefully he can get a Stanley Cup for 2017 (50th anniversary of the last Blue Team Cup victory). For all those other coaches out there, I guess “… a rising tide lifts all boats…”? Who will coach the Red Wings now? Paul MacLean going to come out of hiding? I do remember that the last Coaching Messiah was Pat Quinn, then there was Pat Burns, hmmm… well, good luck Mr. Babcock (and can you use an old Man Friday?).

The Hamburglar

Wanted, dead or alive…

In other hockey money news, the Sens rewarded the Hamburglar Andrew Hammond with a 3 year one way deal as well for about $4 Million dollars. Seems like the Sens now have a glut of goalies, someone will be taking the Via Train out of town soon (is my guess). Hope these folks have some solid financial plans to save this money.

Glad to hear that CPP is now worth $246 Billion dollars, that means I can live on low ash cat food when I finally retire (OK, I have a real pension, but I am allowed a little dramatic effect sometimes).

If you thought you were having a bad day, think of poor Li Hejun who lost $15 Billion on Wednesday, are they somehow implying that the stock market goes down? I suppose this means he had to be worth at least $15B before Wednesday ?


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My Writings for Week Ending May 22nd

The Mad Men finale was fine by me, wrapped things up nicely, and I got to sleep in the next day, because it was a holiday, so nothing to be grouchy about there either. A short week for me, but I did manage to get two articles done:

  • The 10 minute rule with money is one of those articles I started about a year ago, but couldn’t figure out where to go with it, luckily I found how to make it sentient.
  • I keep comparing debt to things, I have previously said Debt is Like Fat, but this time, as I had been weeding my front lawn, I stated that Debts are like Weeds.

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Starbucks, Monty Burns and #BestMoneyStories

Looks like Starbucks payment app for “smart” phones, has fallen victim to hackers, where they are able to hack the app, to steal banking info and then attack the customers banking or payment accounts. I have been having issues with my Starbucks account, and noticed many attempts to re-load (which is associated with a lightly used credit card, so it is easy to see it happening), so I assume I am a victim of this as well.  Whatever has been trying this, has been unsuccessful as my credit card company simply refuses everything from Starbucks right now (not a bad response). Guess I’ll go back to paying cash from now on.

Mr. Burns

Release the Hounds

Not sure what the fate will be of my favorite evil billionaire Montgomery Burns, given that Harry Shearer (his voice on the Simpsons) will be leaving the show. Will I ever hear him say those tender words, “Release the hounds!”? I have always wanted to hear Mr. Burns ask, “Smithers! Who is this saucy Blogologist?”, in reference to me, but I guess that is not to be. Given Shearer now has free time does this mean a possible Spinal Tap reunion? All they need ask is to “Gimme some Money”, and I will be at their concert.

Wonder if I wrote a long winded not funny story if I could claim I was tired like the Green Party Leader and plead for forgiveness HA! fooled you, I do that all the time (without the forgiving part of course).

I have always said that Football (soccer) was a gentleman’s game, played by hooligans, but it seems their fans are at the hooligan level too (what rude and clueless prat thought #FHRITP was a clever thing to yell?) . Bad behavior at sporting events is one of the reasons I don’t take my kids to them (that and the LUDICROUS price of the events). Explain to me how a hot dog can cost $7.50 ?


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My Writings for Week Ending May 15th

Mad Men is over this weekend, at least the Series Finale is this Sunday night, and I must say I did enjoy the show, but you would have guessed that from the man who wrote about the Financial Zen of Roger Sterling, wouldn’t you ?

  • Stats Canada reported there are less part time jobs in Canada in April, but what did it really mean remains the question to be asked.
  • To show I am still in touch with the dating world, I gave out some Class A dating advice, with Financial First Date Questions, and some excellent comments that went with it. Yes, my mind does work in mysterious ways.

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Luckily one of my good readers pointed out that I had already written a topical article about the NDP getting a majority government in Alberta, and it is true, I did write, OK Everyone Take a Valium, in response to the NDP orange tide in Quebec (and in homage to a great cartoonist Terry Mosher aka Aislin). The illustration Mr. Mosher did of Rene Levesque and Robert Bourrassa does sum up the spirit of 1976 and how most Albertans must now feel as well.

Drawing, cartoon | O.K. Everybody take a valium! | P090-A_50-1004

OK, everybody take a valium!

An interesting vote though, the PC’s got kicked to the curb, but so did the provincial Liberals too. Lots of votes for the Wild Rose party, suggests Albertans were sick and tired of the status quo, and wanted to try something new? Should make for a very interesting Federal Election, as the Tories may not be able to rely on Fortress Alberta, the way they have in the past?

Remember that Sunday is Mother’s Day, remember to say thanks to your Mom for all the crap she had to take from you (I am talking to you Robb from Boomer and Echo!). Oh and for those Dads out there who assume they don’t have to do anything on the day, because their wife is not their Mom? Yeh, keep thinking that, and enjoy sleeping on the couch as well.

My daughter returned from Cuba this past week (a vacation (how a 3rd year student can go on vacation, and her Dad can’t I will reserve for a later rant), and one of her first questions was, “Who was this Chez?”. At first I thought she was talking about the Ottawa radio station, but it ended up she was asking me about Che Guevara, so I ended up giving her a short synopsis of Che, using text messaging. Who says history never comes in handy?

Preet got out his white board and did a great write-up on Pay Day Loans, hopefully it is linked at the bottom of this article.


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My Writings for Week Ending May 8th

Labor unrest in Ontario, with the teachers not reacting well to the Austerity budget of last week (and for not having a contract for a while), feels like I am back in the 70’s in Quebec:

  • Stats Canada put out a middle term view on how Family Debt has increased since 1999 and it holds some scary numbers about how the 30-40 year olds are getting burdened with debt but also shows how seniors are increasing their debt load as well, Canadian Family Debt is Increasing, seems almost an understatement as a title.
  • I do have an Instagram account that I may try to use more, but I had some fun with an old topic Frugal or Cheap, some good comments on this one as well.

An excellent example of how to use social media to remind folks you are there, and a nice Mad Men twist on it too:

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Thanks to some badly phrased instructions, all the Tax Procrastinators out there have until May 5th to get their tax returns submitted to the CRA, but you still should be submitting your return (my theme for the week here).

Golf Ball

Off Season Up Close

For the Senators (the hockey ones) it is now Golf season (it was already Golf season for the Blue Team), after an exciting bit of comeback hockey, they finally ran out of gas, but still fun to watch, and no doubt helped the Ottawa economy with folks buying tickets, going to restaurants and the like.

Seems RBC customers are not too happy with the latest bank fee increases they have just received, and well they should be irked, as I always say, it should not cost a fortune to put your money in a bank.

Happy May Day to all my fellow members of the proletariat who control the means of production, we continue to be oppressed under the boot of the rich, but one day we shall rise and live in a Utopian society where all people earn the exact same wage, and everyone gets to ride a Unicorn to work, yeh, I couldn’t keep it together for the full rant. Sorry to tell fellow Ontarians, but this kind of rhetoric is going to be common place very soon when the Provincial Civil Service takes action against the latest Provincial budget.

The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow, for those who want to invest some hard-earned cash on that race. Not fond of the ponies? There is a big boxing match, where tickets are going for $7000 a piece on stub hub.

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My Writings for Week Ending May 1st

My time to write has increased thanks to the Senators and the Raptors exiting the playoffs,  I suppose I could start watching the Jays play, but the Kentucky Derby is this weekend (speaking of sure things):

  • The new austerity budget for the Province of Ontario underwhelmed me as I wrote in Ontario Budget 2015, M’eh…
  • Given the tax deadline is coming soon, a helpful list of the Best Excuses for NOT Submitting Your Taxes, and yes, some of them are real (maybe not the dog ones though).
  • As I did mention the Tax Deadline for 2015 has been extended to May 5th, but that doesn’t really give you any more excuses not to submit your taxes on time.

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This week’s Federal Budget had plenty of election goodies for everyone, which I have already done some commenting on, but the RRIF allowance changes is an interesting choice for the Tories to choose as a plank in their Election Platform. For the opposition it is the Tories pandering to the Rich Retirees who want to avoid taxes, but to me, it just looks like the Government figuring out that folks are living longer and taking that into their calculations. The other nice thing is with the larger TFSA room, if seniors are frugal and save some of their money, they can grow it in their TFSA, and not get double whammed on their taxes (i.e. taxed on RRIF withdrawal, and then taxed on growth of left over funds withdrawn).

Evidently the Student Loan and Bursary amounts may increase, given parents’ income will not be as big a factor for students? This may help me a little, but I am skeptical, until I see the results. I am getting a lot of my info from my daughter, who keeps sending me updates (yes she is still at school).

The Ontario Government announced their budget on Thursday, with little new spending, and a pledge to have a balanced budget. The balancing will be done by freezing spending, and hoping for $10B increase in tax revenue? Maybe they need to do a bit of job creation, to make sure those taxes will increase? At least it is not the typical trick that Dalton McGinty used to pull (i.e. a nasty cutting budget in the first year of a term and anything that would be unpopular, and then nicer budgets later in the term).

Get $50 in free trades.

My Writings for Week Ending April 24th

With the Senators making it to Friday, we shall see whether the clock strikes midnight on this Cinderella story (and cause Mark from My Own Advisor, to be very unhappy):

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