This week in Ottawa, a very large sinkhole opened on Rideau Street, and there were conflicting stories about whether it was a new Gateway to Hell, or whether it was simply the exposure of an existing personal gateway to hell. Either way, it just goes to show that in the Nation’s Capital when we make a hole, we really make a hole.

Ottawa Sinkhole

Ottawa SinkHole

I was downtown on Thursday for meetings, and while the downtown is a bit of a mess, all I could think was that I wished I was either in the Concrete, or Concrete Delivery business, as the entire downtown seems to be littered with Cement Delivery trucks (to fill the hole). Ottawa does seem to be prone to sinkholes, as we have had more than our share over the past while.

The Bank of Canada thinks the economy is unchanged, as it announced the Financial System Review this week, however, three risks were noted:

The Bank continues to highlight two vulnerabilities related to Canadian households: the elevated level of household indebtedness and imbalances in some regional housing markets. A third vulnerability identified is the fragility of fixed-income market liquidity.

This translates to continued big debt and ludicrous house prices in Vancouver and Toronto (and a few other places) are worrying the Bank. A major financial event (say like a recession) might cause some big issues in the current economy.

My Writings for Week Ending June 10th

I have written about how I am an attractive bag of medical conditions, but after my latest yearly check up I came up with the question What Would You Pay $213.52 For ? For me it was simple, I really, really don’t want to get shingles, so I would pay for the vaccine myself if I had to.

I must write a thank you note to TD for continuing to motivate me to write about my issues with them, and so another fine rant was written, Automatic Withdrawal Audits. I still await the results of the problem ticket I opened with TD Mutual Funds.

A Money Thought

“Never buy anything from someone who is out of breath.”


Surprisingly, that makes good sense!

More Disturbing Financial Images

Monopoly Rule 11

Same is True of Bank of Canada Too?!?

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CRA Itunes Pmts, RESP Scams and #MoneyTalk

I am disturbed to read about a new scam being perpetrated by scum bags, who call unsuspecting folks and claiming that that the victims owe a great deal to the CRA and it must be paid right now. The scam is quite unbelievable if you hear it, but it has caught a few folks already. The CRA has a page for this specific type of scam, so please check this CRA Scams Web Site (by the CRA) and learn how to recognize this kind of scummy behavior. The CRA are nice folk, but they are a government agency, they have very specific rules of conduct with the public, they can’t directly harass on the phone (I don’t think). Some simple hints that this is a scam:

CRA Scams

Protect Yourself

  • Very aggressive behavior, and demanding payment within the next hour. This is a government agency, nothing happens in an hour (OK, most things never happen in an hour).
  • If they ask for a Credit Card Number, or for you to “Cable” money, the CRA doesn’t do that (and they sure as hell do not do Itunes cards).
  • Tell you that you cannot tell any 3rd parties or the like, that is the flaming red arrow that should cause you to hang up your phone.

Please, don’t be fooled, or duped.

Staying with scumbags, evidently there were folks in Toronto that were contacting new Parents to try to sell them RESPs. Evidently Rouge Valley Health System had their patient personal info stolen, and this is where these folks got the info to contact the new mothers. Don’t buy stuff over the phone, if you didn’t ask for it in the first place.

Farewell to Canada AM which goes off the air today, after 43 years. The morning show format seems to be dying off, but I haven’t really watched Canada AM for a while (sorry guys).

Will Tragically Hip farewell tour tickets become the next Tulip Bubble for Canada?

My Writings for Week Ending June 3rd

A busy week for me at home, so only one new post put in place for the week.

Bad Financial Planners Can Help points out that even if you start with a very bad financial plan, if you review it, revise it and keep it up to date, you might end up with a very good plan. Remember any plan is a living thing, and will need to change with time.

A Money Thought

This hour has 22 minutes still continues to be funny, however in this instance, I fail to see the humor of this (as a parent who has already talked about moving back in with your parents).

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Loose Money and #MoneyTalk

The Bank of Canada’s key overnight rate stayed at 0.50% this week, so nothing much will be changing in terms of interest rates for a while longer (it seems). The statements made are:

Commemorative and Polymer series $20 note / Billet commémoratif de 20 $ et billet de 20 $ en polymère

Some Mighty Fine Looking Money

In Canada, the economy’s structural adjustment to the oil price shock continues, but is proving to be uneven. Growth in the first quarter of 2016 appears to be in line with the Bank’s April projection, although business investment and intentions remain disappointing. The second quarter will be much weaker than predicted because of the devastating Alberta wildfires. … The economy is expected to rebound in the third quarter, as oil production resumes and reconstruction begins. … Inflation is roughly in line with the Bank’s expectations… Canada’s housing market continues to display strong regional divergences, reinforced by the complex adjustment underway in the economy. In this context, household vulnerabilities have moved higher. Meanwhile, the risks to the Bank’s inflation projection remain roughly balanced. Therefore, the Bank’s Governing Council judges that the current stance of monetary policy is still appropriate, and the target for the overnight rate remains at 1/2 per cent.

Things seem to be OK for now, and maybe the economy will pick up in the 3rd quarter, although I am intrigued about the statement of a “… complex adjustment underway in the economy…”. Is that a lowering of house prices? Wildly vacillating gas prices? Ludicrously expensive broccoli ? I doubt it, but it is a thought provoking statement.

My Writings for Week Ending May 27th

I did have a Happy Victoria Day, as I usually do. Did you realize that nothing is closed in Quebec on Victoria Day? We in Ottawa know this as we usually speed across the river to get beer on Victoria Day.

Our friends at Stats Canada pointed out we have Expensive Food and Shelter in April in Canada. Nothing really that new and exciting here, except that fresh food is getting darn expensive.

On the technology front I picked up a new computer (desktop) for my son and I learned about Bloatware and Cheap PCs. Assuming this is just harmless stuff can get you in trouble, make sure you clean your computers out and run anti-virus software.

A Money Thought

I always like useful financial sayings from movie characters.

“The most valuable commodity I know of is information.” —Gordon Gekko (Wallstreet)

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It is the Victoria Day weekend this weekend (unless you live in Quebec, La Fete Des Patriotes), and in Ottawa this is the first weekend you should be planting things (if you did it any earlier you most likely aren’t too happy about the frosts we had the past two weeks).

Justin Trudeau Game Misconduct Elbowing.

The People’s Elbow!

I have decided I want to be Floyd Mayweather’s new barber as he has haircuts 3 times a week, and he pays $1000 each time (oh and he is bald, it seems too). This sounds like my kind of career, whether Mr. Mayweather pays this or not, I suppose he is helping the economy by spreading his wealth around? Luckily football players like Cam Newton don’t waste their money on 24-Karat GoldClassic Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass, it’s an investment (?!?!?).

I think Terry Mosher’s (Aislin) comic sums it up nicely, at least the house of commons isn’t dull and boring any more. I have heard that a red card should have been given for flopping though, but that is for others to discuss, I simply enjoyed the Media’s painful overstatement when things started,”… there seems to have been a brawl in the house of commons…”.

If you use Linked-in (as I do), hopefully you have changed your password since 2013 (or so)? If not, think about it, because that old password is out there and available to some nasty folks (and don’t choose any of these). Unfortunately if you were a Mobilicity subscriber, you are now a Chatr customer (whether you wanted to be or not).

My Writings for Week Ending May 20th

Do you like using new technologies and wonder why you can’t use Interac with your Apple Pay on your iPhone 6.0, well good news for you in Apple Pay and Interac Together (but is this a good thing)? Is NFC really secure?

Went back into my large archive of semi-complete articles with Hippocratic Finances, can you argue you are doing no harm with your finances?

A Retirement Thought

“If I’d known I was gonna live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself”
Eubie Blake

Here is another thought:

Debts and weights are easy to gain, hard to lose.

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For a while it has miffed me that every time I have ranted about PayDay Loan places, Google Adsense (my major advertiser) decides that the article should be surrounded by advertising for those very same PayDay Loan places, but evidently this will be changing! Google will be removing PayDay Loans from their Adwords networks, but I remain skeptical. My guess is that the High Risk Loan industry will just market themselves in a different manner, but, good on Google for taking this step (wouldn’t it be nice if the CRTC did the same thing for those ads on TV?).

Full Moon

Will This Be a Bad Moon Rising?

Are you curious whether your boss or your neighbors (or even family) are mentioned in the Panama Papers? Now, you, can search and see what is going on at ICIJ Offshore Leaks. Yes, I did search, but none of my relations seem to be mentioned. As I have mentioned, I aspire to be in that kind of a database (i.e. having that much money).

Fort MacMurray is still under threat of forest fires, but it is good to hear the damage to the city is not as extensive as it might have ended up. Remember you can donate to help at many different outlets (including most on-line banking web sites).

I didn’t realize that there are over 500 Billionaires (with a ‘B’) in the United States. #TIL

My Writings for Week Ending May 13th

I guess the fires in Fort Mac had me thinking about house insurance and claims, and thus the two posts from this week were in that area.

Home Insurance Gotchas was from my archive of unfinished stories, outlining the importance of making sure you are always following the rules of your Home Insurance Policy. If you think something is covered by your policy, it never hurts to ask your agent whether it is covered or not (finding out later it is not, is a likely outcome if you do not ask).

In Home Insurance Follow Up I point out again, that exceptional things in your house need to be identified in your Home Insurance Policy, or you may not get them replaced, should there be a fire at your home. Ask your agent if you are not sure what is or is not covered (I do seem to be repeating myself here).

Evidently in Ottawa there is a full moon tonight, and it is Friday the 13th as well, for those interested in that type of stuff.

Where do Bitcoins Come From Mommy?

For those curious, here is a tweet about where some of them come from.

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