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Back to School, Food Inflation, and #MoneyTalk

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It has been a while since I have written one of these; plenty of things to write about. Back to School or End of Summer is what the end of August means in Canada. Back to school shopping is horrendous, the price of everything seems to have tripled! A reminder this is also RESP season, have you signed up for the free money yet?

Given Meta and Google choking off Canadian news, I wonder whether this might hinder my readership?

Back to School Numbers

Inflation (year over year March 2022) 3.3%
Bank of Canada Overnight Rate August 30th 5.01%
Unemployment Rate (as of March 2022)5.5%
Real GDP By Expenditure (Q4 2021)(quarterly change)0.3%
The population of Canada40,000,000+
CIBC current prime rate7.20%
BMO current prime rate7.20%
Scotiabank prime lending rate7.2%
TD prime lending rate7.20%
Tangerine prime lending rate7.20%
Some Useful Financial Data for Canadians as of September 1, 2023
The Globe and Mail

What’s New?

I am at home recovering from rupturing my patellar tendon. If I was 40 I am sure I would be more gung ho about things, but given I am 60+, recovery will take a while. I spent 20 hours in Emergency in Montreal (yes, a whole day), and then 11 more hours in emergency in Ottawa. Why? The Quebec and Ontario medical systems do not talk to each other. I got surgery quickly and once I was diagnosed, things went well.

My brother passed away in May of 2022, yet his estate remains open. I await a certificate of closure of taxes from the CRA and Quebec. This system is broken. The twists and contortions and financial tom-foolery that goes on with Estates are insane. I have many articles to write about this, so stay tuned.

The Latest from Me

I haven’t done one of these in about a year, so here is some of my writings.

The Globe and Mail

Other folks’ writings

Free Banking

Of course, there are plenty of folks that offer free banking

Social Media

Social Media seems to be changing again. As you can see I am all over the place, look for BigCajunMan usually and you will find me. On “X” I have a blue checkmark☑ now, I paid for it.

Yes, it is that time of year again!
No More Gretzky or Jessie Pinkman during hockey games? Good!

Random Thoughts from the Past

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