RDSP: Banking Challenge Ignored

I have waited 2 months for any bank or their representative to respond to my challenge laid down in RDSP: Question for Canadian Big Banks, and I am chagrined to say that none of them have even sent me a “Shut up you silly man” e-mail or comment yet.

Pablo Picasso's Don Quixote

Pablo Picasso’s Don Quixote (which is who I feel like right now)

I have done my best, I have complained to TD/Waterhouse about how archaic their deposit system is for their RDSPs, I have called out every other major bank for not offering anything other than GIC’s and Bank Based Mutual Funds for their RDSP solutions, and I have whined all over David Hodges at Money Sense (see the article), but nothing seems to want to change.

What are some next steps we can try? I would suggest that if you feel strongly about this contact your bank and voice your concerns, and if they ignore you, contact your member of parliament, as I will be doing today (my member of Parliament is Pierre Poilievre and he even has twitter, so let’s see what he does with a Tweet as well). Can an MP do anything about this? Maybe not, but maybe they need to be aware of it.

I would also suggest Tweeting your bank and ask them why the RDSP is being treated so shabbily ( maybe link to my original post as background ).

If you follow me on Twitter, you will see a sample tweet around 9:30 AM today (it is to my Bank TD asking why their deposit system is so cumbersome). I am not espousing SPAM’ing the heck out of the Twitter world with this, but it does seem that Tweets get addressed more than E-mails these days.

Maybe I am acting like Don Quixote on this subject, tilting at the Windmills that are the Canadian Big Banks, but I am tired of settling for the “we will get around to it eventually” response I get from anyone I talk to about this.



Reprise: He Has Lunch Out so I can Too!

Here is a parable/story from 2005 about a friend and how money spending can turn into a contest between he and his spouse. I don’t agree with this (and there is a part II to the story as well), but read on and see if you hear anything you and your spouse may have said to each other in the past (about spending).

He has lunch out, so I can….

It’s always fun to go out and talk with friends about life and things, but it seems more and more I am intrigued by the “financial fisticuffs” that goes on in some relationships (most relationships actually, but I digress).

I was talking to a friend, and he had mentioned to me that his wife was out-of-town with the kids and that because of that he was taking advantage and going out for lunch during the week. Now on the surface, that doesn’t sound too bad (these folks are doing well financially, so he is not creating any kind of hardship doing this, and it is not like he was saying, “I am dropping by the strip club every night”) but after I had a chance to think about it I had time to think that this kind of behavior is still perilous in a relationship (any kind, marriage, business, whatever).

This kind of secrecy is a slippery slope to take, especially with money (but in general as well). If you do something, which you know might upset your spouse or partner, so you don’t tell them about it while in many occasions is prudent, nobody likes to “argy bargy” about things, it may be a symptom of a larger problem.

Money is one of those things that can destroy all parts of any relationship. Normal rational humans can become completely unglued and do the strangest out of character things, all in the name of money, keeping it, or spending it (or worse still in reaction to what someone else is doing with money).

If you feel you have to hide how you are spending your money from your partner, you really must ask yourself “Why am I doing this?”. Maybe you need to talk to your partner frankly about this behavior, because you might be surprised to find out what your partner thinks.

We leave this posting for now, but I will continue it in a day or so with the next step in this kind of “monetary trickery”, and more to the story I am telling.


You Aren’t Poor

You are just broke!

That pithy one liner is from our friend Gail Vaz-Oxlade‘s  TV show ’til Debt Do Us Part, and I really do like it.

Many times I hear from folks how poor they are, and how hard their lives are, then I talk to them and realize that their net income is nearly twice my annual income, yet they are having a hard time making ends meet? Say what?

An Interesting Video about BROKE Athletes

If you can barely afford to live in your rent controlled home, take the bus everywhere, and work 2 jobs to make ends meet, my guess is that you are Poor, you have no place left to cut spending on, because all you have left is the essentials of life. Poor is tough, and if you are in this situation you have my sympathies, and my hope that things get better for you.

If you feel poor because you can’t:

  • Afford a second car, and one of you must take the bus
  • Can’t go out to dinner as much as you want
  • Live pay cheque to pay cheque without lowering your debt, because you live in a house that has made you house poor
  • Feel hard done by because you can’t buy designer hand bags

Let me be clear:  You are not POOR, you are BROKE!!!!

The thing is that Poor is hard, Broke is fixable with lifestyle changes. Poor you have little or no control of your situation, however, Broke you can control things (you just choose not to).

If you are Broke, you can be fixed by simply spending less and altering your lifestyle to take lower spending into consideration.

  • If you can pay off your debts faster if you take the bus to work, and sell your car, why don’t you?
  • If you have 10 credit cards, and wonder why you have such a hard time paying them off, why not get rid of 9 (if not 10) of them?
  • If you complain that your only vacation is a visit to your parents cottage, and you really wanted to go south in the winter, why do you wonder why I might laugh out loud and threaten you with bodily harm?

If you have just figured out you are Broke, don’t be discouraged, be happy (in an obtuse way), it’s fixable! If you are Poor, keep working hard and try to get control of things (and if you do get out from under, remember how life was so you don’t end up Broke).


Personal Finance Napkin Scribblings

The title does say it all, sometimes I have ideas and have to write them down or I forget them, so this is a glimpse on the creative process involved in this blog:


What do I Scribble While at Lunch?

What do I Scribble While at Lunch?

If you can’t discern my scratchings (on an actual napkin):

Napkin Back Personal Finance Tips

  • Stop going to places that give you free napkins! (think about it)
  • All the best plans started on an envelope back or a napkin
  • Good Debt still looks stupid written on a napkin(then a nice graphic)Still looks stupid to me
  • Don’t write on napkins with a file point Pilot Pen too!


What is in it for me?

One of the nice things about having written over 2000 posts and being on the job for over 8 years now, is the fact that you have a massive back-log of stuff that my current readers may not have read, so here I give you a post that didn’t really get much notice back 7 years ago, note the style of writing.

Dear Reader,

So as you can tell I am a mercenary blogger and will do many things to make an extra buck or two (witness the ads plastered all over this BLOG if you are unsure of this), so let’s ask ourselves how we can put a few extra bucks in our pockets (and review a few of my initial rants), What’s in it for us?

  1. Stop paying those ridiculously high banking charges (remember?)
  2. Use some coupons when you shop (hey a couple of extra bucks is nothing to sneeze at)
  3. Get a Credit Card that pays you to use it. PC Financial has a nice one (if you like shopping at Loblaws that is), and gives you cash. AMEX and Costco have one that pays cash as well. For heaven’s sake don’t pay to get money back or points (like that CIBC Aeroplan Gold, only if you are a traveling salesman would that work).
  4. Join Petropoints or whatever other “I give you points for shopping here” program you can find (as long as it is free). I also am a member of the CAA, so I get money back for buying gas at PetroCanada
  5. Stop buying those bloody “Lattes” will ya? What’s wrong with the free coffee at work!

OK, so that is the rant for the day, put your money in your pockets!