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Happy Love Day

Today, money is spent on pursuing Love. Money will flow in the name of Love Day. Cementing a relationship or simply out of duty and fear of ending up in the dog house if you don’t fork out some hard-earned cash on some gifts that will soon be thrown on the Love Day trash heap.

Love Day
An Apropos Sentiment

Do I sound crusty on the topic of Love Day? Do you think that is the case? My views have softened over the years, but the overspending is still a little over the top.

It’s February, and you have barely received all the bills from your orgy of spending at Christmas. How is spending hundreds of dollars on more gifts not wrong in your mind? It could be that I am not a romantic, but I suspect that blowing more cash now is not the answer.

Some great ideas for Valentine’s Day?

  • Put a $500 dinner on your already bulging credit card. Don’t you already carry a balance from Christmas on it?
  • Buy lovely diamond earrings for that special someone by getting a pay-day loan. That way, you both have a gift that will last a long time.
  • Spend $120 on a bouquet of roses, that will be dead in a week. The bill will remind you of just how much you showed your love.

Nothing says I Love You more than debt (you will see that as the catchphrase for a major credit card next year about this time). The bigger the debt, the more love you are showing.

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