Happy Mother’s Day

To all my Matriarchal Readers and Mothers everywhere, Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you are enjoying your day, and if you are a Father, remember the argument “You are not my Mother”, is a dangerous game to play (speaking as someone who foolishly made that statement one Mother’s Day).

Happy Mother’s Day

This past week I ranted a fair amount about identity theft and such (having had my wife’s bank card cloned (again)), but my Twitter Feed had a bunch of older posts in some other interesting themes as well:

  • My humorous post about Old Bar B Q’s and Flames, points out that you should either maintain your old Bar B Q or replace it when it looks dead (or you might have some big problems).
  • More Fun with Credit Cards, where I suggest an old trick (my brother told me about from his MBA class).
  • Remember that as a Pure Laine Quebecois (ok tete carre aussi) I can invoke C’est la faut du Federal at any time,  it will be true.
  • It’s not very nice to ask, however, are Canadians Financially Stupid? Actually most bloggers seem to think it is true?
  • I didn’t post this one, but it’s something someone should read A Mind of My Own, by our friend Gail Vaz-Oxlade.




Twitter Financial Tips

Twitter is a fun tool to get out pithy short messages, or a way to promote your web site like many Social Media Whores do (did I mention you should be subscribed to my Twitter Feed as well?).  I have seen a lot of interesting stuff on Twitter (and a deluge of absolute bilge, including folks being impersonated and having bogus info posted in their name), but as with all tools caution must be exercised, as the cartoon of a few years ago said, “On the Internet, no one can tell you are a dog”.

My Cat

On the Internet they can’t tell if you are a CAT either! Also my Twitter Editor.

Don’t get me wrong there are some great Twitter feeds to track:

  • Our amigo (and Leaf Lover) the Blunt Bean Counter who is actually putting out great Tax Filing tips, to remind you of some things you may have forgotten.
  • Evelyn Jacks is offering the same kind of tax help too
  • There are a lot of Government Agencies as well like Stats Canada and the CRA that put out useful tweets as well
  • There is even a Canadian Finance Blogger Twitter List
  • I like the Dalai Lama too, he has nice spiritual messages on his feed.

There is a limit to the information you should be taking from Twitter as “the gospel”, however.

What tweek’ed me was there was an article in the main stream media about folks actually picking up “Stock Tips” from Twitter, which sent a cold chill down my back.  Why in the name of J. Paul Getty would you be taking the word of a faceless, media stream as a great reason to dump down your hard earned cash?

Two reasons scream loudly why this shouldn’t really ever work:

  1. You don’t know if this really is a person writing this “tip” and what the motives are of this tip either.
  2. If you see it on Twitter, MILLIONS of others can also see it, and by the time you act (even if it is a real “tip”) it will be too darn late.

Use Twitter as a social media sounding post, pick up ideas and concepts, but take all of it with a grain of salt. If you are a subscriber to my Twitter feed, you will notice my Avatar is the same cat you see sitting on my laptop, makes you wonder if the cat is running the show doesn’t it?


Glimpse at the BCM for Free Style Sunday Thoughts

I didn’t feel like regurgitating my tweets for the week as a good use for a Sunday post, so I have retired that idea (although I would suggest that you join my Twitter Feed to read my and some of my other favorite tweets for the week). I am not sure that free style Sundays will last either, and even if they do, don’t expect them every Sunday either, when I feel the urge, I will be writing.

This week I tried to start a new thread in the blog, and that is giving my regular readers (all 10 of you) a glimpse into my life with a hope of maybe understanding the motivation behind some of my posts. I’ll be writing more in the coming weeks mostly about the financial side of having a disabled child to hopefully help those out there in similar (or worse) circumstances than Mrs. C8j and I are in.

As I mentioned my son is on the Autism spectrum, however, he is not that badly off (comparatively speaking). There are parents that I have met, and friends that have kids that have a much harder time, with children that are in much more need of help than our son is. Our financial equation is however quite unique thanks to the fact that my son is quite young and I have a second generation of daughters who are in University (or graduated).

We are lucky in that we have learned a great deal about the educational system from our daughters who had learning disabilities of their own. I will be writing about the issues we have run into with our son in the coming week, so stay tuned for that thread.

As for the reason I write, I have said this before, but it does bear repeating, this is mostly a cathartic stream of thought for me, to remind me what I have done right, but mostly what I have done wrong (financially) in my 50 odd years on this planet.

I will also open up a suggestion box for my regular readers. If you have any ideas that you want me to write about (other than ranting about Debt and how it’s a terrible thing) send me an e-mail with the title:  Suggestion Box: {suggested title}  and maybe give me any ideas that you have (and if you send me a request to Guest Post I will most likely add you to a black list and not read anything else from you). Send the e-mail to  bigcajunman @ canajunfinances.com  .

Here is a question for you, to leave in the comments here: Is it important for your to receive a follow up e-mail if you leave a comment on this site (telling you I have replied to your comment?).

Enjoy your Sunday.



Advent continues on merrily, hopefully you are having fun with it. If you have been reading my twitter feed, you have seen that I have resurrected my Financial Advent Calendar (from many years ago) in the land of 144 characters or less! It was fun when I did it a few years ago, hopefully it is still topical.

Happy Chanukah!

John McAfee may make some OK anti-virus, and may have made a lot of money from it, but his life currently is tabloid fodder. He has been accused of murder, he has been on the run and he eventually got found because a photographer posted a photo of Mr. McAfee, which had GPS co-ordinates in the meta-data. The Meta-data in any picture you post on the web should be wiped (if we learn anything from this interesting story). Hopefully Mr. Norton is leading a quieter life?

For those claiming there is a war on Christmas, lighten up, wish folks Merry Christmas and move on with your life. If there is a war on Christmas, Christmas is winning!

Happy Chanukah to my Jewish friends as well, I couldn’t find a video of Adam Sandler singing either Chunukah song.

Twitter Land

In my version of the Twit-o-sphere there were some quite interesting oldies that I found along with some retweets of some of my favorite writers:










Advent Calendar








One of my biggest issues with my co-workers is the same problem that most women have with the men in their lives, they don’t listen, they try to solve problems too damn quickly! Don’t believe me? Watch this interesting video from our friends at Ted.Com


Welcome to Advent as today is the first Sunday in Advent, in the Christian tradition. You can now turn on your lights and I will not look down my nose at you, nor will I wag my finger at you (turning on your Christmas lights in November is not cool folks). The traditions of Advent according to my expert Mrs C8j (who while having an astonishing rack, still is rumored to be a Nun) are Waiting, Preparing and Anticipating. Preparation is pretty darn obvious with all the shopping, and putting up of lights and such, however, waiting is another story. I have been at too many Christmas parties where waiting was not practiced (i.e. getting blotto, and then xerox’ing your butt and leaving a copy on your boss’s desk). Show some restraint this holiday season, folks.

Movember is over, but for some of us, that simply means the beginning of Decembeard. I grew a Van Dyke/Goatee looking furry thing, and I have been given the green light by Mrs. C8j to keep it for now (however, should it become unruly, it may disappear one night).

Adventures in Tweety Land

If you are part of my twitter posse, you saw some of these, and if you aren’t, why not? If you were last week you would have seen my reaction to the infamous Grey Cup Halftime show, and yesterday there were actually a great deal of #DeepThoughts on the feed as well:

Standard advice really for all young folks. Debt is a very bad thing.

The age old question, where should the money go, but there will eventually be a follow up describing the final solution.

The word brilliant maybe is a slight over statement, but it was quick!

Fear is an emotion that can either paralyze people or motivate them, what does it do for you?

Just because you did something, doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to undo all of your good works in one shot.

Buying a car can be a very interesting time if you are not careful, and needless to say when me and my wife go out, interesting things do happen.



So for your video add in of the week, I give you the following very odd, non-video, it is actually an alleged call into a Radio Morning show, that is a very literal interpretation of what Deer Crossing signs actually are for: