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Another installment of the best financial tweets of the week. I continue to try to figure out whether I need to cut down the number of folks I follow or find a smarter way to get to the important tweets of the week.

Given this was a week with the Bank of Canada cutting interest rates, oil price shenanigans and King Abdullah’s passing the twitter verse did have a lot of interesting stuff.

The Media Maven of Money (Preet B.) started flexing his financial chops with a very interesting set of simulations to try to answer the time-honored question, is it better to buy your house, or rent and invest your money?

Is King Abdullah’s passing a sign of changes in the Middle East? That remains to be seen

This is why you should have the Bank of Canada on your Twitter Feed. You should read their policy stuff yourself, it’s not long and usually the “talking heads” leave major portions out.

Given gas is so darn cheap are you putting more money in your savings? One point of view of what is happening down south

Wasn’t 1-2-3-4-5 the password on Spaceballs? Yeh, some amazingly interesting passwords out there

Did you give over the holidays? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about that?

A bit of shameless self-promotion to end things off, I am on another list of bloggers you should read (along with some other interesting folk).


Money Tweets of the Week

I used to do this more often let us see where this leads, now that I have figured out how to easily include a Tweet, a Facebook entry or any other stuff in my articles.

Very topical and useful tweet from the Money Media Maven himself Preet

The man who invented cubicles hated them? No kidding, I hate them, but I hate open concept even more

I’d like to think this was a joke, but I suspect, it is not

This one is a way cool graphic and very useful to show the Bull and Bear markets

That wasn’t me, must have been a moose:

I am a sucker for Kerry’s writing, and when she adds hooks like Fluff in the teaser, I gotta read it

And this is why newspapers and URLs don’t mix well

A tweet of tweeting? That is recursive isn’t it?


Favorite Financial Tweets from MMXIV (2014)

Given Twitter is one of the major Social Media sites that drives traffic to my humble Personal Finance Site, I figured I’d show some “love” to them as well. These are some good financial tweets from the past few months, from some folks who are on my twitter list.

Financial Tweets of 2014

I am still figuring out the best way to embed these tweets into my posts, but this seems to work nicely.

Not sure I disagree with Mr. Adams

Excellent graphic to teach you how not to buy and sell stocks (boy as a couch potato investor I do appreciate this more and more):

Wondering about that high-speed trading stuff? Here is a nice tweet that gives you an idea of just how fast things are on the web:

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Financial Tweets of the Week

No not financial twits of the week, given my propensity to pontificate on Twitter, I figured I’d add my considerable skill at finding useful information by compiling a few of my favorite tweets of the week (what is the tongue in cheek font?).

Twitter Icon

My New Twitter Icon

Mr. Buchanan felt a little irked by the commentary of renowned Economist (and blow hard (IMHO)) Paul Krugman. Assuming that a physicist cannot comment on Economic issues is a bit myopic in nature.  Are we Steaming slowly toward the limits of growth? Read the follow on article, there are some very good points made by Mr. Buchanan.

Which is the better place to be saving for your retirement? I always like when folks publish their work and at the end of it admit they haven’t necessarily convinced themselves that they have figured things out or proven their point. I think that is why I like this one.

An interesting catch-line, for the tweet, and that is important when you have 132 characters to limit you. The article is a pretty standard, “Save and things will be better” kind of post, but I really did like the catch-phrase.

Kerry’s tips are always well written and very useful, and this one is well worth reading for those too shy to ask for discounts, after all it is all your money, try to keep it.

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Happy Mother’s Day

To all my Matriarchal Readers and Mothers everywhere, Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you are enjoying your day, and if you are a Father, remember the argument “You are not my Mother”, is a dangerous game to play (speaking as someone who foolishly made that statement one Mother’s Day).

Happy Mother’s Day

This past week I ranted a fair amount about identity theft and such (having had my wife’s bank card cloned (again)), but my Twitter Feed had a bunch of older posts in some other interesting themes as well:

  • My humorous post about Old Bar B Q’s and Flames, points out that you should either maintain your old Bar B Q or replace it when it looks dead (or you might have some big problems).
  • More Fun with Credit Cards, where I suggest an old trick (my brother told me about from his MBA class).
  • Remember that as a Pure Laine Quebecois (ok tete carre aussi) I can invoke C’est la faut du Federal at any time,  it will be true.
  • It’s not very nice to ask, however, are Canadians Financially Stupid? Actually most bloggers seem to think it is true?
  • I didn’t post this one, but it’s something someone should read A Mind of My Own, by our friend Gail Vaz-Oxlade.




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