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The Motley Fool (my opinions)

So, when I started “fiddling” in the Stock Market (I think my official rank is “fiddler” or maybe “kibitzer,” but nothing higher than that), I started reading the Motley Fool books (and again, take them out of your Library, they are expen$ive books). I found them interesting, and their opinions are worth reading (I’m afraid I have to disagree with all of them, but anything that causes you to at least think is a good thing). The books are enjoyable.

I am distressed to notice that the “Fools” have turned their business into a conglomerate (maybe I am jealous that the Canadian Financial Place is not as big as them?). You need to subscribe to the site to get good information, pay a lot for their opinions, and not feel like you are dealing with humans anymore; it feels like a brokerage house (and I wouldn’t say I like those). I want sites that talk about stocks and investing so I can understand it (and many great blogs do that; look at my lists on the side for a few).


Read the Motley Fool books, but maybe give their subscription services a pass.

Here are a few of their books; again, I don’t recommend buying them, but take them out of your Library.

  • The Motley Fool Investment Guide: Third Edition: How the Fools Beat Wall Street’s Wise Men and How You Can Too! (Amazon Link)
  • The Motley Fool Guide to Investing for Beginners (Amazon Link)

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