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Warranties a Final Thought

So, this week we have talked about Warranties and are they worth the money you pay and of course the answer is, “It depends” (don’t you love it when I am weasley?). Here are the important things to remember:

  1. How likely is the thing you are buying to break and need warranty work (if it is my car, the answer is 100% likely)?
  2. How expensive are the repairs?
  3. How long is the original warranty for the thing you are buying?
  4. Will your credit card extend that warranty if you buy using that card? Amex, and some of the Gold cards do that?
  5. Is the warranty with a reputable company?
  6. Where do you get the warranty work done? With my GM car, I have to take it to the dealership (I’d rather take it to my mechanic, but GM only will cover work done in their OK’ed mechanics).
  7. Compared to the price of the thing you are buying does this warranty make sense? A $10 warranty on a $50 device means you are paying 20% more for the device? Um, no!
  8. Value is what you are searching for, is it worth the money you are going to pay? If it gives you peace of mind, that has a value as well.

As, I have said before, let’s just make some informed decisions folks!


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