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People first, then money, then possessions

That is the message that you folks should be getting from here, people first. Your family, friends and your life around you is the most important thing in life, no matter what and keep that in mind when you are doing your financial planning and any other life planning you are doing. You, your family and your friends are number 1.

Money is the next thing, because money, or the accumulation of it does allow you to do whatever you want to do with your life. No this is not an “ends justifies the means” type discussion or “money CAN buy happiness” statement, but if you accumulate money, you will not have things in your life that detract from it: Debt, feeling powerless, worries and such.

Possessions are the last thing. There is an expression the person that dies with the most things, is still DEAD! Possessions are fine, but they are fleeting. Which would you rather have a good friend or a Corvette? Me, I’d take the friend (maybe he has the Corvette).

People first !

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