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I only paid $450 but still! (rant cont’d)

My insurance company says they cover 50% of my crown installation, which means I now owe $450 out of my own pocket. Why? Remember, we don’t really know why, I guess if dental stuff like crowns or braces were covered, it would put company’s out of business (or make us all far too good looking and we’d all be vain?).

Is it worth $450 to have a replacement tooth that works and I can chew with? That is a good question to ask about the surgery. My answer is YES, if you amortize it over my hopeful life of another 40 odd years (at least!) then it is $10 a year, which is a small price to pay to be able to chew properly.

I’d much rather have my insurance company cover this cost, but I’ll live with it if it gives me quality of life. If you can justify (not rationalize, justify) a purchase in your head and you can live with it, then spend the money (unless you are buying drugs or lottery tickets, then just send the money to me or your favorite charity).

I guess my only question now is the remainder of this deductible on my taxes? Better go look that one up. My guess is I need a few more large medical bills before that.

Money is to be spent, but WISELY and FRUGALLY.

15 Years Later

The tooth ended up being amortized over 5 years. It was the replaced as a bridge, and finally a post was put in place, with an implant. At the end this tooth really cost closer to $7000 and the Insurance covered about $4000.

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