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Peter Jennings Drove a Used Car?

Peter Jennings

Fellow Canadian Peter Jennings, passed away in 2005 from Lung Cancer (another really good reason to keep your money and NOT smoke).

The accolades and stories for Mr. Jennings were neat to see, but it was interesting to see that he never bought a NEW car in his life (he always bought a used one). What does this show? No matter how much money you make (and I believe Mr. Jennings made a nice pay packet) being FRUGAL is a lifestyle and not something to forget about once you get comfortable. Just because you can afford to buy a BMW, doesn’t mean you HAVE to buy a BMW, does it?

How much money is enough by the way? I think that may be my next spiritual question to be wrestled with, since I have found that no matter how much money I have, I could always use a little (or a lot) more.

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  1. Well that is the big question isn’t it? I believe a person’s financial need always adapts proportionally to the goldfish bowl he/she inhabits. Hence, while the percentages for each category may stay the same, the actual final number will always continue to increase or decrease as per your individual circumstance.

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