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Taxes: Wish I had his problems

These are numbers from 2006. Mr. Gates is worth more now, even though he has given away a great deal. He also is divorced.

So Bill Gates’ tax return is so complex it has its own computer? Well, that is the alleged story in this posting. Wish I had such problems, I’m sure a Commodore 64 could do my taxes.

I guess when your net worth is around $47 Billion things can get complicated?

How are you going to do your taxes this year? Me, I am using Quicktax again, it’s a little more complicated, but I am starting to figure out the things I do wrong every year:

  1. I always forget to add the life insurance my company pays for (a taxable benefit) in my initial estimates (before I get my T-4 slip). Previous years I get excited about how much I am going to get back, then my T-4 shows up and sometimes I actually OWE money! Real downer, this year I remembered to add that in.
  2. My employee stock program, I keep forgetting that stuff too.

It’s always easy to do estimates if you kept your last pay stub from the previous year. There is a good TODO for December 2006, save your last pay stub!

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  1. Whenever I complain about the taxes I pay, my accountant says: “You can pay less taxes — just earn less.” Bill’s probably thinking the same thing — he’ll gladly have his own computer for taxes as long as he has the billions. 😉

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