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Sunday: God Has a Dream

I am reading (ok I am listening to the audio book, but I contend it is reading, since I actually get good information while driving to work, which is a rarity), God Has a Dream: A Vision of Hope for Our Time (Amazon link), by Bishop Desmond Tutu, it is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it (be you a Church going person or even an Agnostic).

Bishop Tutu recounts his stories as a clergyman in South Africa during the darkest days of apartheid, but he still manages to sound so Optimistic (he prefers to be called a realist, but it makes you feel optimistic to hear a man who has gone through so much be so sure of the good things in life and in our fellow human). The on going thought I had throughout listening to this book (which is read by the Bishop) is if this man can forgive the things he has lived through, why am I constantly hanging on to old grudges ?

God Has a Dream by Bishop Desmond Tutu (Amazon Link)

The Bishop’s reading style for this CD was very soothing and you feel like he is talking to you directly, when he starts each chapter with, “Dear Child of God”, it gives you an uplifting sensation.

I feel it is a good read, and it is a good Lenten learning tool as well.

I didn’t buy the CDs I am listening to, I borrowed them from the library (remember that is a very frugal way to get great information, both financial info and other info as well).

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