The Library and Video Games?

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Why Buy When You Can Test Drive?

Our family has a play console (A Wii (Wii-U now) as I have written about earlier), but we don’t have many games for it and we haven’t really thought about buying too many games, however, the Ottawa Public Library came into play again for us. I noticed that they loan video games for a week for free for the Wii, so we have started to reserve these games for us to try out. Given these games typically cost from $20 all the way up to $60 per game, I’d want to be very sure a game is “play worthy” before I purchased it, so this ability to borrow games from the library is quite useful to our family.

This can be done from home is also very convenient, and it being free is that much better for me. If we don’t enjoy the game, we simply return it and think no more about it, but we have purchased one game after a week trial, which is still being played by my son, so I view this experiment in Consumer Frugality as a success for that reason.

I have heard folks use this same technique when it comes to buying cars, they will rent a car that they are interested in trying out for a vacation (say a week) to figure out whether they like the car or not, so it effectively becomes a week long test drive, which is a good idea as well.

In Ottawa, it is not just Video Games, you can also try out 3-D printers, and a bunch of other really cool tech things. Use your Library, and fight for it, it is an amazing resource, that you won’t realize is good, until it’s gone!


  • Fernando July 27, 2009, 7:32 AM


    Good suggestion. I often do the same by renting the game from the video store (Rogers, Blockbuster, whatever) as the selection is usually a lit more up to date than our local library.


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